Last weekend there was some conversation about what was the NSAA’s contingency plan would be if Saturday’s Nebraska State Track Meet schedule was totally wiped out by the severe storms that were predicted to hit the Omaha area. Fortunately that never happened and yet another Nebraska State Track and Field Meet at Omaha Burke Stadium was completed, with more issues with the timing system than the weather.

There have been several times when there have been delays at the state meet, but for the past 24-years that I have attended any long delays or even having to clear the stadium out for lightning or severe weather have been avoided.

But what is the plan if weather causes the NSAA to lose an entire day?

I want to know.

When you are dealing with over 2,500 student-athletes; probably 250 meet workers and officials and around 10,000 fans, you can’t just say be back here tomorrow same time same station and we will get-er’ done.

It doesn’t work that way.

It’s not just the state track meet either that I wonder about.

One day of state golf was lost on Tuesday due to weather conditions from one end of the state to the other making the courses unsafe to play. What would have happened if Wednesday would have been similar weather and another day had been lost? Do the kids get a thank-you for qualifying for state, but we will not be having the state meet this year?

What if a huge winter storm hit the state in February or March, paralyzing all travel and wiping out either state wrestling or the state girls or boys basketball tournaments?

We all know that the weather in our state is unpredictable. How many people in western Nebraska thought they would be dealing with eight inches of snow on May 21?

The athletes put in a lot of hard work to get themselves to state events and to lose a day to the weather or even an entire state meet to conditions that are beyond anyone’s control is a shame.

I want to know what the plan is when this actually comes to fruition and tough decisions have to be made.

I also want to say that while the decision was unpopular in Norfolk (Class A) and Columbus (Class B) state golf, the NSAA had to consider the safety of the athletes, coaches, fans and workers. Based on that as unpopular as it was, it was probably the right decision.

Game of Thrones

I have never watched even a minute of this program, but just sitting at my desk and listening to my co-workers talk about the show and fire-breathing dragons takes me back to the days when Dungeons and Dragons was the huge craze.

I almost feel that I have an idea of what was going on, because come Monday morning I get to hear what happened and what should have happened and speculation as to which road the show was headed down.

And they laugh at me because of my fascination with Bigfoot.

It was interesting because of Sunday night being the end of the long-running series, it was speculated that 10.7 million people would call in sick to work on Monday.

I can just hear that phone call to the boss.

“I won’t be in today because my favorite TV program of all time, Games of Thrones (you hear a large sigh) ended last night and I am just too emotional to come in and work today. I’m just sick the show went off the air and I’ll be using one of my personal days to pull myself together and hopefully feel good enough to come in on Tuesday and resume my job. I am also dealing with severe disappointment with how the show ended so it may take several days for me to emotionally stable enough to return to work.”

That’s enough for now.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend and go take in some softball at the York Ballpark Complex with the Memorial Day Classic running last night through Sunday.

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