The York News Times is already working on our “Back to School” special section.

It’s quite a bit of work; calendars, supply lists, photos and stories about each school have to be rounded up and made into a cohesive package.

I have found and re-typed at least seven school calendars today. It’s actually kind of Zen, so as I typed my mind wandered a little bit. I remembered something I’ve heard a few times -- and chances are you have, too:

“I wish I was a teacher and didn’t have to work in the summer.”


(Prepare yourself; I’m about to climb onto a soap box.)

They do work in the summer. I know: my mom’s a teacher, I have a lot of friends who are educators and school employees tolerate my stupid questions – even in the summer.

During their summer-long “vacations” teachers (and administrators and support staff, for that matter) go to training events, workshops, classes and conferences. They often go to their classrooms – or office – to get things organized. Planning for the upcoming school year is a constant summer endeavor.

I don’t think some people realize what a modern teacher really does. It’s more than standing up in front of a classroom lecturing; more than writing on a chalkboard. Today’s teachers create multidisciplinary lessons utilizing modern means and trusted traditional methods in an effort to reach each and every one of their students. Some of the most tech-savvy people I know are teachers.

Teachers hold the futures of their students in their hands – often their happiness and general well-being. Educators deserve respect, but apparently some people are into biting hands.

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