The corn is turning gold, leaves are falling from the trees and there’s a chill in the air.

It’s (un)officially the start of cool-weather knitting marathons – yay!

I knit year-round, but for some reason it just seems better when the wind has a little bite to it. Catbert and I cozy up on the couch with our favorite soft, gray blanket, knitting and giving my Roku a workout.

I started knitting about 15 years ago. I had a really stressful job, and needed something to take my mind off of things. Strolling aimlessly through Barnes & Noble, I came across a learn-to-knit kit.

It came home with me.

Unfortunately, what my first project was escapes me. I do remember, however, attempting to make a red sweater. Dropped stitches, purls and not knits, knits and not purls – it was a hot mess. Still, I didn’t give up.

As my skills progressed, my taste in yarn changed. Basically, I’m a yarn snob. No corporate craft stores for me. No way. I get the vast majority of my yarn online, and have scored some really beautiful stuff in a now-defunct yarn shop in Omaha, and in Stromsburg. As a matter of fact, my current project is a cabled natural white hat, made with wool from the wonderful Clare Quandt’s Icelandic sheep. It’s like buttah. (Thanks Clare and Kelsey!)

I’ve met so many fantastic people since I started knitting. Knitters (and people who crochet) can bond with total strangers in the yarn aisle. I was gushing about sock yarn on a walk in Omaha and a random person stopped and asked me if I had heard of Ravelry. (I had not, and where had it been all my life?) Craft shows are a blast. Fiber fairs, too, though I usually end up spending way too much money.

In short, knitting has changed my life. I has gotten me through a horrible job, comforted me when loved ones passed on, given me a feeling of accomplishment, helped get my mind off of a bad day and justified sitting on my you-know-what watching TV. (If I watch TV without knitting, I feel like I’m wasting my time.)

It’s that time of the year, brothers and sisters in yarn -- grab you cat, your blanket, the latest project and prepare to binge-watch.

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