Twenty years.

Twenty years ago I graduated from high school.

The Exeter High School Class of 1999 was a close-knit one – and, to a certain extent still is, thanks in part to Facebook and smartphones.

The senior locker area -- a somewhat secluded spot with lockers specifically for seniors – is one of the things about our senior year I remember best. All through high school I couldn’t wait until I could stuff my books, et cetera into one of those lockers. Finally the day came, and my classmates and I made it our home. We started drawing our own giant calendars, and putting the “Quote of the Day” (the majority of them being from Liz) and events (classmates’ birthdays and Rumbles dances in Milligan).

We decorated our walls with posters, photos and anything we found worthy of our locker area. I think there was a beaded curtain at some point. It was a great place to lounge around and do homework, too.

There was the annual senior locker area Christmas tree. Ours came from a ditch.

Exeter High School was a special place. Some of my classmates had the great idea to honor our 20-year milestone by posting vintage photos on Facebook. The cars look so old – and we look so young.

I was surrounded by people I cared about. Naturally, sometimes we didn’t get along. Sometimes it got downright nasty. Even so, I think the majority of us knew deep down that we’d care about each other for life.

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