Two times a year Blue Valley Community Action cleans house.

At the end of the purging, we put out all the new season items. It’s that time of the year again.

This week is the big bag sale. Come on out and fill a brown paper sack for just $5 plus tax. The sale will last all week.

The following week, Aug. 12-16, Blue Valley will be closed for changeover. The food pantry will still be available on Friday, Aug. 16.

Blue Valley Community Action will host the WIC clinic on Monday, Aug. 12 and Wednesday, Aug. 14. On those days, food pantry will not be held, but we will still host the Walmart food distribution along the east side of the building outside.

Blue Valley will also host the monthly WIC clinic on Tuesday, Aug. 13.

Both Commodities and WIC require appointments. The phone number to call and set up a time is (402) 729-2278.

Blue Valley is blessed to receive the support of York County. The support is given in a variety of avenues. Donations in the form of cash, food or household items. Donation of time is just as important to what we do here. It’s the volunteers here that make our world go around.

We are looking for a few good men. Or women. There are many opportunities available that include sorting the donations, shelving the non-perishable food to manning the front desk. Please consider giving of your time and talents. If you are interested, please come into our facility at 3401 N. Lincoln Avenue and ask for a volunteer application.

Jennifer Harre wears many hats here at Blue Valley Community Action. For the past eight years, she has been an invaluable assistant to the director. Her day-to-day duties include a variety of items that I would find difficult to list in just one column. Her infectious laugh, generosity of spirit and work ethic are above and beyond compare.

Recently, Jennifer was hired by the foster grandparent program as a part-time recruiter. She too is looking for some top-notch volunteers and commented lately, “As it closer to the start of school I would like to remind everyone about the foster grandparent program. It is for anyone age 55 and older, in general good health, and wants to make a difference in the lives of children. You have a great opportunity with this program to make a little extra money and do something that you love.”

Jennifer adds, “Being a foster grandparent is working within the schools and classrooms by being a grandma or grandpa for any child who needs that extra time or attention that only a loving grandparent can give. The students will fill your heart with joy! ”

If you think this would be a good fit for you or someone you know, please get ahold of Jennifer Harre at Blue Valley Community Action at (402) 362-3516.

As always, Blue valley stands by to serve!

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