“Keep Calm and Carry On” was a motivational poster produced in 1939 just prior to World War II.

The poster was meant to rally the English people and to raise their morale.

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth took the mantra to heart and lived it out by word and deed, setting an example for not only the United Kingdom to live by but the entire free world.

What exactly does it mean to keep calm? It means to not get emotionally invested in events, situations or people that you have absolutely no control over.

These words ring as true today during the COVID-19 pandemic as they did eight decades ago. We here at Blue Valley Community Action are doing our very best to “Keep Calm and Carry On.”

We will continue to hold several restrictions in place going forward in an attempt to keep our staff, volunteers, customers and clients safe and at a low risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Blue Valley asks all entering our store to wear a mask. Other restrictions include no more than 10 shoppers at a time and no public restrooms.

Store hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9-3. The furniture building will be open those same days, 1-3. And closed Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The Walmart Food/Feeding America program will continue to be distributed outside on the east side of the main building, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The truck usually rolls in around 10 in the morning.

Food pantries will continue to be by appointment only and are delivered to vehicles.

Beginning Monday, July 6, Blue Valley Community Action will begin taking furniture and housewares only. No clothing will be accepted until further notice.

We respectfully ask that the furniture be in good shape and have no tears, stains or pet deposits. We also ask that the furniture come from a non-smoker’s home. If the furniture is not sellable, Blue Valley has to haul it to the landfill and pay to dispose of it.

We also ask that donations be dropped off during our hours of operations. Sadly we have found that certain citizens like to rummage through our donations over the weekend and help themselves.

Goodwill, located in downtown York, is currently taking donations including clothing. They have a drop box in the alley behind their store for after-hours donations.

Be sure to mark your calendar for the annual 10/11 Can Care A Van to be hosted by Blue Valley Community Action on Thursday, Aug. 7.

Blue Valley will be hosting a hot dog lunch outside for all who bring a canned good to the event! Social distancing will be observed and dining will be picnic style!

So, I’ll leave you with the words that another British wartime poster proclaimed, “Your courage, your cheerfulness and your resolution will bring us victory.”

Stay healthy and stay happy. Blue Valley Community Action stands by ready to serve, as always.

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