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If you have ever worked at a school, you know what the phrase “between seasons” means.

This phrase refers to the time between fall activity seasons and winter activity seasons. Football, volleyball, and girls golf are over, and one-act, mock trial, and unified bowling seasons are coming to a close. The first basketball games. wrestling events, and dance team events are right around the corner, and the speech team will begin their work shortly. On the calendar there are one to two weeks in which very few events take place. This time “in-between” can give students and teachers a strange feeling sometimes!

Whenever I look at my calendar in my office, it seems like I am always planning for the next day, the next week, the next faculty meeting, the next event, etc. I have told my teachers, during our faculty meetings, that the important work comes in the “space between” our meetings. We should not always concentrate on what we accomplished at the last meeting or what our plans are for the next meeting…but what we plan to do between meetings. That is the time spent in the classroom with the students. That is time that is truly important. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s the “space between” that really counts.

This is also true of one’s life outside of work. Everyone spends a lot of “busy time” attending their children’s events, dealing with their daily and weekly schedules, talking to their teachers, running errands, driving kids to ball games, etc. We would all benefit from spending more personal time with our children. As difficult as it is at times (sometimes it seems like we have to “pencil in” some time with our kids!) it is truly important to have personal time with our loved ones. It is the true “family time” that will be remembered and will really make a difference in your children’s lives. Again, it’s the “space between” that really counts.

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