Due to popular demand, Blue Valley Community Action will see the return of “Christmas in July!”

Come on out and get a head start on your Christmas decorations! We’ll be putting out Christmas items the entire month of July! Ho, ho, ho!

Speaking of Christmas, Santa and Mrs. Claus will return on Thursday, Dec. 12, 5-6 p.m. Be sure to mark your calendars! Last year’s visit was great fun and we received lots of positive comments on the event.

Summer is an extra busy time for donations. Many people are having garage sales and are wondering what to do with the remaining items. Blue Valley Community Action is always appreciative.

That being said, we have had a recurrent problem with people bringing by donations after hours or over the weekend. On more than one occasion, the donations have been rained on and therefore are ruined. Unfortunately, at this point, all that can be done is take the donations to the dumpster.

We have also discovered that we have people who feel it’s ok to take whatever has been left on the tables outside. They also help themselves to items in the dumpsters. Neither is acceptable to us here at Blue Valley. It’s private property and taking what doesn’t belong to you is quite simply stealing.

We would appreciate if you could please bring your donations during our business hours. Blue Valley is open Monday through Friday from 9-4 and Thursdays until 6 p.m. Thank you for observing these times. We would much rather price, sort and sell your donations rather than take them to the trash because they are dripping wet.

Hats off to the 10/11 Can Care A Van that was hosted here on June 6. This annual event is a huge boost to our food pantry. Drum roll please…this year’s total surpassed last year’s record breaking number! To be exact, 15,389 pounds of food and cash donations! Blowing last year’s numbers out of the water by over 2,000 pounds1 Thank you York County!

Emmy award-winning power couple, Jon and Taryn Vanderford, hosted their popular show, “Pure Nebraska,” live from Blue Valley that day. The couple remained on-site, shaking hands with fans and accepting donations throughout the day.

Bob Pavel along with the Black Hills Energy crew and Chris Schroeder and his Verizon staff, both assisted in collection, sorting and stocking the shelves. The job was done in one day and couldn’t have been done so efficiently without their invaluable help.

Of course, we couldn’t mention the Can Care A Van and not give a shout out to the “Green Machine!” Stan Green along with his children. Sheila and Dale, pound the pavement prior the event. The family brings in thousands of pounds of food and cash donations.

Be sure to “like” us on Facebook! It’s a great way to keep up with special sales and food distributions throughout the summer.

As always, Blue Valley stands by ready to serve.

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