So, what does it take to actually get the County Attorney to send a criminal to jail for the crimes committed?

Just Friday it was reported in the York News Times the latest examples of the County Attorney letting criminals plead to a minor charge and skip out on major charges.

Example 1: “A man found in possession of 149 pounds of high-grade marijuana failed to show up for sentencing this week and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest.” The convicted criminal was scheduled to be sentenced this week in York County District Court and did not appear. This person “was initially charged with possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver, a Class 2A felony; possession of one more than one pound of marijuana, a Class 4 felony; and no drug tax stamp, a Class 4 felony”. Skips out because the minor charge allowed him to be freed while awaiting sentencing.

The second example, “initially charged with forgery, a Class 3 felony, which carries a possible maximum sentence of four years in prison; conspiracy to commit forgery, a Class 3 felony; resisting arrest (second subsequent offense), a Class 3A felony that carries a possible maximum of three years in prison; and possession of methamphetamine, a Class 4 felony that carries a possible maximum sentence of two years in prison.” Plead down to forgery. While these two examples are minor in the big picture but, is kidnapping minor to the victim? The County Attorney lets almost all cases plead out for a minor crime no matter how serious the crime committed. This is the history I am frankly getting tired of. It seems like it is okay to commit crimes in York County.

It seems that this is almost always the case that the County Attorney allows a criminal to plea to a minor charge to protect his conviction record. Our County Attorney pleas MAJOR cases down to help the criminal and NOT PROTECT the public and the CRIMINALS skip out!! The County Attorney never seems to want to protect the public but let these scumbags walk our streets. What ever happened to PROTECTING the public interest? Our County Attorney is protecting the poor misguided criminal element. He pleas this case so that they can get back on the streets to commit more crimes for NO PUNISHMENT!! Let’s go easy on these poor criminal souls, they probably had a rough life and we as the public should understand that they are just misguided. The County Attorney’s job is to protect this poor criminal and ensure that he does not have to spend too much time off the street without the ability to commit more crimes. It is NOT the County Attorney’s job to protect you, the law-abiding citizens of York County. I understand that there is prison over-crowding in Nebraska but, does that have to mean that York County must let all these obviously upstanding citizens go free?

Being sarcastic I am waiting to see the County Attorney plead down a murder charge down to jay walking when a killer crosses the street in the middle of the block to go kill his victim.

Chuck Byers, McCool Junction

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