Having ancestry and connections in York County and vicinity, I enjoyed the editorial “Just Melanie” dealing with 50 years since the first landing of man on the moon, “The fascination was looking back at us”.

I agree with her. However, I’d add a few additional thoughts.

I counted my lucky stars on an August day in 2013 when I personally met and shook hands with Apollo astronaut Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, at the Kansas Cosmosphere (a space exploration center) in Hutchinson, Kansas. When I watched an old black and white television set in the year 1969, I never dreamed I’d meet the man. It took tremendous horsepower propelling those rocket engines. It is the same moon our parents, grandparents and remotest ancestors saw. We must appreciate “the mystic tie that circles us on this planet Earth”.

I know that people (especially Americans) are enthralled with using their cellphones and taking “selfies” of themselves. At an early age, my Dad instilled in me the importance of taking a second to list the name of the person pictured and maybe the date and location thereof. With our fast-paced life today, it makes me wonder: In 50 years from now, will those friends and relatives in “selfies” be remembered? Exploring celestial bodies is fine, but let’s do our utmost to accurately describe what we see on planet Earth.

-James A. Marples, Longview, Texas (with York connections)

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