Dear editor,

Every time I read articles about the Aubrey Trail/Bailey Boswell fiasco, my blood pressure raises a little. Would someone please explain to me why educated and upstanding lawyers, et al, spend their time and, I suppose the taxpayers’ hard earned money, on criminals such as these?

When someone confesses, there is no need to drag out long expensive trials. I agree with Steve Moseley and his vivid descriptions of the man and his actions, and all the little things they are digging up to prolong the trial are not really the main problem. Clearly, he has been enjoying the attention and talk and is too chicken to call off the proceedings. If he had any conscience at all, he would have done the right thing in the beginning and taken the punishment of an accidental death. There was no need to cut her up and dispose of the remains the way he did, trying to cover up an already embarrassing situation. Those are the actions of a sadistic person – in other words, not normal.

I’m an old lady and have been around a very long time, and know that the truth will always find you out. He’s probably lucky to have reached the age of 52, the type of life he evidently lived. And it’s sad that young girls like Sydney and Bailey innocently became his victims. I could never be on a jury for someone like him.

Enough is enough.

Noni Troester, Hampton

P.S. Maybe the lawyers won’t let him give up – then they couldn’t use all the things they learned in school.

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