York Public Schools Administration is grateful that we could give the Class of 2020 a graduation ceremony on June 27...but we could not have had such an event without the help of numerous people and organizations.

We would like to express our gratitude to several groups of people.

Thank you to the YPS teachers and staff, who volunteered their time on a Saturday afternoon to help us with the many logistics of students and guests as we prepared in the hours and minutes leading up to the ceremony, as well as during the ceremony.

Thank you to the Four Corners Health Department, who provided some much-needed guidance and support for our plan for holding a private, outdoor ceremony. Members of the YPS Administration had several very informative and open discussions with Four Corners, and they were always very informative and helpful.

Thank you to the City of York, the York Chamber of Commerce, and the York Police Department, for their help with setting up Levitt Stadium (as well as the city auditorium, as a back-up). YPS Administration was in regular contact with these organizations, and they always provided help and support for our plans.

Thank you to Cornerstone Bank and JW’s Catering for providing breakfast for the seniors while we were at the field for rehearsal. It was much appreciated!

Thank you to the YPS custodial staff (working with the City of York) for preparing the bleachers and the field at Levitt Stadium. The whole place looked wonderful and was well-suited for an outdoor ceremony.

Thank you to the parents of our 2020 seniors! You have shown a lot of flexibility, patience and understanding throughout this uncertain time. We are so thankful that we were able to have a ceremony to honor the Class of 2020, and bring a closure to this step in their journey.

Thank you to the Seniors themselves. Throughout the spring of 2020, as milestones from their senior year were supposed to be happening, this class showed a tremendous amount of humbleness and understanding, and gave administration some honest feedback as health regulations changed throughout the last few months. The Class of 2020 is a special class of students, not just because they were part of the pandemic, but because of the people they are, and the people they will become.

Good luck and best wishes…you will go on to do great things!


YPS Administration

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