Dear editor,

Sometimes when a person hears of something happening over and over, he can achieve a certain numbness about that event.

America has reached a point where we have killed 61,628,584 unborn children through abortion over the past 47 years. These were each a unique individual, already growing. If you dislike that numb feeling, that insouciance, that inertia taking you over regarding these American children in the past tense, you can be freed up by taking some small steps.

First, try out your knees to see if they will bend before the Great One who would help us stop this. Write letters (hopefully better than this one), donate cash or time to a pregnancy center, assist a young family with the stressful things they have to face, congratulate the politicians who have courage to approve only laws that favor life.

And one very good way to be an enthusiastic witness is to attend the Nebraska Walk For Life which will be held Saturday, January 18, at 10 a.m., at the State Capitol in Lincoln. This walk may occur during cold weather, but it will help clear up the numb feeling of any former non-participants in this raging battle.


Bill Dunavan, York

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