May a ray of sunlight carry love to you.

May it enter through portals held up by the arms of sturdy trees.

May those tree arms be adorned in the wind-strewn dazzle of emerald sleeves.

May life burst through you like a spirited sprout pushing mightily through the mustard seed.

May it roar for its place, louder than the earth screaming in pain.

May it dance in your footsteps.

May it embolden a fierce run.

May it preserve a precious place for your peace.

May you feel mysteriously strengthened by it.

May you walk visibly alone, yet filled to the brim in the lightness of your unique soul.

May the morning make its way to evening with you.

May you thrive together.

May the good light pave your way.

May it accompany your days until you enter eternity’s night lit by forever stars.

In the meantime, may we all try harder?

Maybe, just try?

I need to, that’s for sure.

So, we have this day to live.

One way we can live is being interested.

“And, how does that help anything?” You may ask.

Well, I think it helps us understand each other more.

As our sentences exchanged grow and deepen, so goes our relationships.

Words are organs that beat from us, blood extending from our bodies.

Unification will come with an exercise of our own blood, sweat and tears.

This is uncomfortable, painful, alters the mind, tightens the heart muscles, and displaces feet.

It is worth this strenuous effort because it finally ensures a chance for all children.

Here we are at that forever crossroads, violent for some, peaceful for others, abstaining still others.

Yet, wherever our heart rests or riots in this race, we are all marching to the end.

Let’s learn how lives are lived differently right next to us for shallow, inexcusable reasons in archaic systems.

So, good morning sun and here is what I know, whatever our capacity, we can improve individually and collectively.

We have, in unity, this day to use wisely or to waste, how we decide, will be our shared – choice.

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