Winter roads, where shall we go?

Wherever you take me, I’ll love, I know.

May adventure be the destination, complete with mysteries around every bend.

The best roads are ones a free mind traverses upon, endless paths to everywhere imagination is never allowed to end.

Winter roads, where shall we go?

Where no satellite signal can reach, and only evergreens grow.

Drive across the nation and get to know your fellow human.

The simple exchange of shaking hands and believing we can.

Winter roads, where shall we go?

Where the darkness isn’t allowed to take root, so subtly and slow.

There’s a better way fellow neighbors, but it’s not what modernity would like us to believe.

It’s a stirring in the soil and something ancient within us that is dying to breathe.

Winter roads, where shall we go?

Beyond our backyard, for otherwise how can we know?

How can we know the true state our neighbors are in behind closed, secure doors?

Separation leads to fears that can lead to hate, and hate leads to wars.

Winter roads, where shall we go?

Let’s leave no stone unturned, or anyone amongst us in the shadows.

May clarity be our fuel, and hope be our guide.

Can we put so much that divides, completely aside?

Winter roads where shall we go?

Let’s say yes to the opportunities and chase winds of potential wherever they may blow.

Will greed and waste overtake all the good we could have planted in suffering hearts?

Can we each muster up the courage to have a true purpose to impart?

Winter roads where shall we go?

Go where there is something truly honorable bestowed.

We must have all hands-on deck and ready to give.

We need to breathe life within livelihoods and the soil to truly live.

Winter roads where shall we go?

Should we hope for spring through frigid snow?

We cannot expect ease in all things that truly matter.

The further we stray from the sustenance of life, the more we succumb to useless chatter.

Winter roads where shall we go?

Go back to your roots, do not stray to and fro.

Touch the soil – from where all sustenance and hearts can be nurtured to grow.

Nothing we can create can outdo the fruits God gave us to be naturally sown.

Winter roads where shall we go?

We should stop in our tracks, before we face a host of unsolvable woes.

Return to the seasons and the understanding within.

Listen to God’s earth, she is dying to be brought alive again.

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