Some “Boomers” says it’s over.

Some “Millennials” say so too.

I’m a “Generation Xer” and there are those of us also saying it’s through.

It’s not over.

I have seen how it hasn’t ended.

Go down to the coop branch and catch up with the gal running one of the last locations open.

She’s one of those “millennials” that still answers the phone, calls you back and gets the job done.

No, it’s not all lost.

Ask the young lady showing her first calf at the fair who doesn’t have an acre to her name.

Ask the seven-year-old collecting bugs on their produce farm.

Ask the boy building hover crafts in the machine shed.

Ask the little girl who wants to manage the farm someday from her photography studio.

Ask the person in the mirror.

That’s the best of the U.S.A.

You have it in you to be the best of the U.S.A.

We can all be the best of the U.S.A.

We were the ones from Europe suppressed by a King who told us we could not freely believe in the King of Love, Jesus.

We are the ones fleeing persecution and famine wearing hijabs.

We are the ones being feared because we come from the country where the source of this mysterious virus arose from.

We are giving to the food bank after the food bank fed our family.

We are the ones breathing life into towns with more people buried in the cemetery, than living in town.

We are employing thousands.

We are employing ourselves.

We are unemployed.

We pray, we curse, we hate, we hope, we eat, we starve, we give up and we keep going.

We are the ones dreaming or desperate or both.

So, what’s our deal?

My word.

Let’s get over it.

Let’s learn what will change us forever and help us change the forever coming after us.

This land is all our land, from sea to shining sea.

No, it’s not all lost.

We all just get lost sometimes.

Let’s find us again.

Let’s include all of us this time, from ocean to ocean and continent to continent.

Let’s share this forever changing U.S.A.

Let’s not covet it and let’s believe in the sacredness of the Creator’s creation that each of us are.

U.S.A., let’s be the land of the courageous, the brave and those willing to tirelessly and unapologetically fight with fortitude, wisdom and a desire for peace so that one day, all of us, everywhere, are forever unafraid and forever – free.

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