Consider this your Save-the-Date.

Mark your calendars and get up early. Subscribers, you have the pleasure of easy home delivery! If you want home delivery luxury, call today (402-362-4478) to get started! On Friday, June 26 our fourth edition of our Snapshots in Time magazine hits the racks!

Our fourth edition is our first in the series looking back on notable people from our area. In this first foray into people, we leaned very strongly on the knowledge of Ken Kush, our longtime sports editor. Within the pages of this year’s magazine you will find 50 notable prep athletes from the last 25 years.

This project started over a year ago and has come together through countless hours of work. Ken has transformed a mountain of research into a wonderful collection of magazine copy. Kerri Pankratz took pages of words and photos and made them look beautiful. The copies arrived this week and I must say – it looks even better in person!

As you flip through the pages you will take a trip down memory lane, recalling names and faces of stories past. You will remember (or learn) some of the great accomplishments from the area’s youth – some you might have known then, or maybe know now. Some are still in the area, others are not. At one point, though, they were our headliners – all of them. The 50 that are featured and all of them in between that were researched and rediscovered. Prep sports is a staple in a community newspaper and to look back on this collection of coverage was so rich with history, both in the stories and how coverage of prep sports has changed in the last 25 years.

Many on our team were involved over this past year – and a few outside our office! Michelle McClelland, thank you for all of your hunting of old pages! Steve Marik, thank you for all of your editing! Tyler Jackman, Paula Miller, Tammi Eikenhorst and Courtney Kinnison, thank you for sharing this wonderful opportunity with your clients – and thank you to the area businesses for supporting us in this fun project. Melanie Wilkinson, thank you for the encouraging support as it came together. Deb Robertson at Kilgore Memorial Library, thank you for helping us find some missing pages when the library was closed due to COVID-19! Last but not least, Ken and Kerri, what an outstanding job!

To our readers, I can’t wait for you to get your Friday paper. Thank you for bringing us into your homes and supporting us through your patronage. We couldn’t do it without you and we do it for you!

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