Jessilynn has entered this new phase where she is obsessed with helping me.

She follows me around everywhere all of the time. Truly, it is adorable. However, I sometimes have to dig especially deep for the patience to involve her helping hands. Whether it be making deviled eggs on Thanksgiving, mashing potatoes, washing dishes, folding laundry, or bathing the dog, Jessilynn is there to help.

The other day, we were chopping up some zucchini at the counter, and Jessilynn was sitting on the counter with her own plastic cutting board and knife from her kitchen playset pretending to also chop the vegetables. As I stood at the counter observing my daughter’s careful movements, my mind bounced back to a time when I sat on the edge of the counter and begged to help. I too jumped at every opportunity to help when I was little.

Everything I know came from my many years of following people around and demanding to “help.” I was not one for taking no as an answer.

How do you keep things hidden? According to Papaw, you bury it. If you bury it, ain’t nobody gonna find it.

How do you fix mashed potatoes? According to Grandma, you add another stick of butter. Butter fixes everything.

How do you drink iced tea? According to Momma, with sugar. There is no other way to drink iced tea.

How do you fix most anything? Duct tape and tacky glue. Thanks, Momma, for that one.

Is there a right way to fold towels? Yes, Momma’s tri-fold.

When doing dishes, always save the silverware for last, so they can soak.

Never leave the house in dirty underwear in case you get in a car accident.

Mr. Clean can and will clean anything.

Got a burn? Where’s the yellow mustard?

Vicks can cure just about anything. Bonus points if you put it on your feet before bed.

A pantry without apple cider vinegar is doomed. There isn’t much apple cider vinegar won’t solve.

The best way to save money on the heating bill in the winter is heavy blankets hung over doors and plastic covers over the windows. Duh.

Never throw away the bacon grease. Save it for the green beans.

If it isn’t a glass measuring cup, then it probably isn’t accurate.

There’s one way to eat cantaloupe and watermelon, and that is with salt.

The secret to perfect bacon is to cook it slowly even if it takes the entire morning.

When the leaves flip up, it’s going to rain.

A little bit of dirt never hurt anybody.

If you’re not bleeding, then you’re fine.

Don’t waste money on table coasters when you have a roll of paper towels.

Name brands usually don’t make a difference unless we’re talking about toilet paper.

Stuffing a dryer sheet in anything will ward away the critters — bonus points if you clip one to your shirt in the summer to avoid mosquitoes.

There are not many imperfections that vitamin E oil won’t do the trick on.

I don’t know how factual any of this is, but it is the stuff they always told me as I followed all the adults in my life around begging to help.

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