School is officially out and I am at home with my kids for the summer, at least for the next couple weeks until we venture off to West Virginia for the months of June and July. Transitioning back to stay-at-home-momhood has been interesting to say the very least. I am sort of beginning to get things under control. My kids are napping upstairs in their beds as I type this column up. I haven’t had this kind of nap luck for well over a year, so you can imagine my excitement.

With all that being said about my nap success, I ate my lunch hidden behind the kitchen counter in a desperate attempt to eat something my daughter hadn’t already taken a bite out of earlier this afternoon, and yesterday, and I purposefully took my time switching the laundry over to the dryer so that I could consume a couple of minutes alone in the laundry room away from snack requests and potty breaks. Also, my daughter tried to flush an entire roll of toilet paper so there’s that, and I’m, well, losing my mind. Insert forced laughter here?

My daughter was being particularly awful the other day and I found myself saying out loud to my husband, “I imagine this is exactly how Ted Bundy was as a child.”

Folks, I’ve hit rock bottom and it has only been a few days.

I’m halfway kidding, maybe? Every last kudo I have to give goes out to York Academy and all the beautiful ladies who keep my babies safe and healthy for the better part of the year. But seriously, how do they do it!?

Put shortly, it has been an adventure. I’m torn between my desire to spoil them rotten all summer and my need for them to be on a routine of some sort. They may have eaten Doritos for breakfast the past couple of days, but they’ve eaten all their meals at the dining room table like civilized adults. Last night, I even orchestrated a “taco night” where we all created our own unique tacos like some sort of perfect sitcom family. Landon’s extremely creative taco came in the form of a tortilla wrapped around a single Frito chip. But hey, it was something other than plain spaghetti noodles, which is progress.

Jessilynn has learned how to open all the baby locks in the house, which has complicated some things. Needless to say, we are all out of baby wipes and baby powder due to a certain incident involving her new drawer unlocking powers, and the stuffed Paw Patrol dog in their bedroom can never unsee what he saw on that particular morning.

The great news is that everyone is out of diapers and potty trained, which is saving me billions of dollars. However, my entire house has the slight smell of urine thanks to the many “oops” over the last few days. Apparently, toddlers who are in the middle of making Lego history with their block tower forget to go pee in the potty sometimes.

Even from the trenches of motherhood, I am finding myself eager to take on home organization projects one after the other. Have I jumped aboard the Marie Kondo train? Perhaps. Over the next week, I am planning to paint my living room, clean all the closets in my house, and juggle the many duties of toddlers in the house. I will also need to make several more trips to the grocery store because having two tiny humans at home requires a lot more snacks and juice than I had anticipated.

Towards the end of next week, I imagine I will start packing for our almost two-month adventure in West Virginia. We haven’t been home in a year and I have not seen my momma since our last trip. An extended stay in the mountains that grew me is a much needed trip for my tiny humans and I. Landon has already put his pool noodles aside to go on the trip since, of course, PawPaw has a pool in the backyard, which has been occupying my little guy’s mind the past few weeks. My husband is looking forward to a few weeks of a quiet house to get some home improvement projects done as well.

Until next week, this is all I got.

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