Today is my 29th birthday, which is weird because up until a month ago, I thought I would be turning 28 today.

My husband had his birthday a month ago. He takes great pride in that fact that I am a year older than him, but for one month each year, we get to be the same age. As I placed the cake down in front of my husband, he started laughing. Standing tall on top of the cake was a large flaming 27 candle.

“Babe, I’m 28 today, not 27,” my husband choked out as he laughed.

“What? No. We’re the same age this month and I’m 27,” I responded.

“You are 28, Steph,” he insisted.

We argued back and forth for a minute before he realized I totally wasn’t joking around. I definitely thought I was a year younger than I actually was.

“Oh no, babe, did you actually go this last year thinking you were 27?” he said sympathetically.

Immediately, I tried to remember what sort of official documents I had likely lied on throughout the past year of my life. Oh boy, talk about an oops.

So really, in my mind, I have only been 28 this past month, and now I’m suddenly 29. I basically lost my year 28 and got two 27 years instead.

My kids have been stoked about my birthday. In their eyes, birthdays are everything. Yesterday, my Landon wished me a “Happy Day Before Your Birthday!” several times throughout the day.

Given this new social distancing thing, my family has had to get creative with my birthday. My husband ordered me a few gifts on Amazon only to realize two-day delivery is shut down on non-essential items, but I’m sure I will love the gifts next week when they finally arrive. My kids and I had way too much fun baking me a birthday cake. It actually worked out because Landon’s homework from preschool this week was to cook with me in the kitchen. We didn’t take any shortcuts either. My two-layer white cake even has a Bavarian crème filling. It mimics that of my wedding cake.

In addition to my gourmet cake courtesy of my tiny humans, my husband is making me a huge New York Strip on the grill alongside a baked potato with all the fixings.

Being isolated at home on my birthday has really given me perspective on how blessed I am. Ten years ago, I am not sure that I could have predicted I would have so much to celebrate on my 29th birthday.

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