This week is Valentine's day, and while my motherhood status has me shopping for pink iced cupcakes and signing my kids' names to little heart shaped cards with cheesy greetings, it has me thinking about this little thing called love.

The other day, a friend posted a Facebook status with a survey about her and her husband. I didn't repost it, but I still went through and answered the questions in my head. It was kind of fun taking a few brief minutes to just think about my husband and I. In our very busy and hectic life, we rarely get time to just think about us. Sometimes I don't even realize how much life we have lived together in this almost decade together (yes, I know, in the grand scheme of things, that isn't a huge amount, but still, that is almost one third of my life right now). Really, we have just begun this journey together, but we sure have accomplished a lot this far.

Given all the love in the air and my slight case of writer's block this week, I have decided to present my answers to this cute little survey circulating the Facebook world this week. Of course, I will add my own little storytelling flare because we all know I can't answer a question with one word.

How did we meet? We met freshman year at West Virginia Wesleyan College. Specifically, we met in the lunchline at the dining hall. The best part is that we both remember it was hot dog day that day because we both had and still have a great appreciation for hot dogs. My roommate introduced us that afternoon. Chris was her good friend from high school and they grew up in the same town, which was an hour away from my hometown.

Where was our first date? C.J. Maggie's in Buchanon, WV. You see, West Virginia Wesleyan -- the place we met and attended college our freshman yea r-- was located in the very tiny speckle of a town Buchannon. There really wasn't anywhere to go, but there was this little restaurant called C.J. Maggie's that all the college kids walked to from campus. Oh my goodness they had the best cheesesteaks and onion straws. Chris and I had eaten there tons of times in a group of friends, but I still remember the first time we ate there together as a real couple.

How many years together? Nine years, one month, 18 days.

How many years married? It will be six years on June 21.

Age difference? 11 months.

Who was interested first? Chris. This is a funny story actually. After my freshman roommate told Chris her roommate's name, which happened to be yours truly, my future husband took to Facebook to do some snooping. Based on my profile picture at the time, which was of me floating around in a pink pool float, he thought I was "hot" as the kids back then said. That counts as being interested in me first, right?

Who is taller? Chris is way, way taller. In fact, he is so tall that some of my middle school girls are terrified of him.

Who said I love you first? Chris told me he loved me in my college dorm room while arguing what to order from the Chinese take-out menu. What is the real kicker? We had never even kissed yet!

Who is most impatient? This would depend on the scenario. Is our daughter demanding to cut up her own banana with a spoon from her play kitchen or is she refusing to put her coat on a workday morning? Is our son stalling bath because of a fake leg injury or is he refusing to eat the dinner in front of him because the macaroni and cheese is too yellow?

Most sensitive? Me. Most crazy? Also me.

Falls asleep first? Me. Honestly, I'm lucky if I can stay awake past 9:30 on a weekday, and if I make it through Friday movie night without snoring in the recliner then it is a miracle.

Who cooks better? Most definitely me. Last time Chris played chef in the kitchen, he quite literally cut off a piece of his thumb while slicing a sweet potato. I wish I was kidding.

Who is the better morning person? Depends. Before or after coffee?

Who is the best driver? According to Chris, he is.

Who is the most competitive? Chris will do whatever it takes to win everything. Not only that, but he always has to turn everything into a competition. Each Survivor episode, we have to make bets as to who we think is going to get voted off. For the last season of Game of Thrones, we drafted characters and had a GOT draft. We used to play weekly Fantasy Football against each other. Needless to say, we don't do that anymore because someone *Chris* does not like to lose. Don't tell him I wrote that, please.

On Sunday, Chris and I stood at the counter prepping food for the week. We made some peanut protein balls for our breakfast, washed mushrooms for dinners, chopped veggies and cheese for our lunches, etc. As we knocked out one thing after another while the kids played with their toys, it occurred to me how well-oiled our machine is. We really are not just husband and wife, we are a team.

We are a foil for each other-- a yin yang.

For all my hyper, he is calm.

For all my everywhere, he is rooted.

For all my crazy, he is sane.

Happy Valentine's Day to my favorite Valentine, my husband!

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