2019 seemed like an extra-long year to me.

Maybe it’s just because it’s the end of a seemingly lengthy decade. But still, 2020 seems far away. It’s strange to imagine this decade being over because for me, it was a very significant time in my life.

At the start of 2010, I was only eight years old. Although it was 10 years ago, I still remember a lot about my life back then. I remember being in the second grade, trying to learn how to multiply. My favorite TV show to watch was “Phineas and Ferb” on Disney Channel and my favorite after-school snack was microwave popcorn. My family didn’t have my dog Bambi back then, and my grandma and step-grandpa were still with us.

Now, at the end of 2019, I’m 18 years old. I’m in the twelfth grade, trying to understand AP Calculus. I’ve recently watched my favorite episodes of “Phineas and Ferb,” thanks to Disney+, and I still enjoy a hot bag of popcorn from time to time. My dog Bambi is now a lazy old lady, and my grandma and step-grandpa have both passed on.

This past decade is a pretty important part of my life. All the big events that have ever happened in my life seem to be in this decade. That’s probably due to the fact that I was only eight years old when it began, but still. It’s kind of crazy that this decade has taken me from a small second grader to a senior in high school. It’s even crazier to think that I’ve been living in this same decade for over half of my life.

But this decade is almost over. 2020 is practically here already and along with it, a new decade. I know I will be graduating high school next year and then I’ll be starting college in the fall. Beyond that, I’m not sure what the new decade has in store for me.

Maybe in this next decade, I’ll move to a different city or a different state. Maybe I’ll travel to a different country for the first time, and who knows, I might even move there. Or it could just be that I stay in my hometown of Omaha. Maybe I’ll be able buy a really cool car or a really nice house, or maybe I won’t be able to do either. Either way, whatever happens in this next decade is going to happen anyway, so I’ve decided to just accept it.

Still, it is a little scary to think that at the end of the 2020s decade, I’ll be twenty-eight years old. Hopefully by then I’ll have figured out my career, because right now, that’s my biggest goal for my future. I don’t really care what I end up doing, as long as it’s something I genuinely enjoy.

I can already tell this next decade of my life is going to be significant for me, just like the past one was. Although, I suppose every decade could be considered significant. Nonetheless, in terms of changes in my life personally, I know they will be substantial in the next decade. I will be going from a teenager to a woman in her late twenties, which already enough change for me, let alone all the other changes that will probably happen. But I clearly survived the changes from the past decade, and because of that, I’m willing to accept anything that the next decade has in store for me too.

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