Growing up in a small town gives you an experience that you cannot receive in any other setting.

As a kid, there are so many privileges to a small community. You make some of your best memories by spending time with your friends riding your bikes around town, stopping in at the grocery store to visit with whoever is there, or making up games to play in the city park.

Once you become old enough to drive, you try to find ways to keep yourself entertained. Most of the time you do so by cruising up and down main street with as many friends as you can fit in your car. You talk about how boring the town can be and how you wish there was more to do, but eventually you come to realize that you wouldn’t trade what you have for anything.

Coming from a Class D-2 school, you’re given a different opportunity than students in a larger school. A class population of 20 is seen as a lot. You become close friends with fellow students from grades above and below your own. The majority of students are involved in multiple extracurriculars instead of focusing on a select few. Within these extracurriculars, it’s common to see multiple years of success across the entire spectrum of sports and clubs.

In the classroom, you are given more of a direct learning experience. It is true that you don’t have as many class options as those in large schools, but you find that the classes you are offered are very interesting. Teachers of all subjects are given the chance to connect with each individual student throughout the school year because of such low numbers.

As a student, you build bonds with all administration and faculty. A big part of building those bonds is that many of your teachers also play the role as your coach or club leaders, so you get to know each other inside and outside of the classroom.

One of the first things you come to understand in a small town is that people are always looking out for you and you do the same for them. Everyone knows everyone, so if you are ever in trouble or in need of anything, there is always someone that you can turn to who is more than willing to be there for you. A helping hand is always being offered by a friend, neighbor, or community member.

Small communities are very welcoming and accepting of new families moving in. People like to go out of their way to make sure you feel at home. Whether that includes inviting you over for dinner or just a simple greeting when you pass each other on the sidewalk, they are always doing what they can to make you feel like you belong.

Everyone who lives in or around a small town share the same unique pride. You know that where you live is a place you’ll always call home, and you would never let anyone take that away from you along with the rest of those who live there. The relationships you are able to create with everyone in your community is just one of the amazing opportunities you are offered while living in a rural community.

Small town citizens know what it means to show respect, put in hard work until the job is finished, and always be there for those in need. Life appears to slow down and be simpler from the point of view of that in a small community, and that is a quality I wouldn’t trade for anything.

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