In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic the most important aspect of community is support. We have all said it so many times that York County proudly takes care of one another. This time is no different.

Of course, our primary focus is the health and well being of our citizens. The non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPI) that so many businesses have put into practice will go a long way. For example, EyeCare Associates is sanitizing the small things such as pens and here at the Chamber we have reduced the amount of materials we are displaying to have less surface space exposed. These things may seem simple, yet they go a long way to help flatten that curve we have all heard so much about.

Social distancing is difficult when you have a community as supportive as York. But as we have all heard this can be a good course of action for large events. Our State Leaders are continually monitoring this evolving situation and will provide us guidance. That being said, and as was echoed by Governor Ricketts and Bryan Slone, Nebraska State Chamber President, “business has to go on”.

So, I began to think, is there anything that we can do locally to support one another. Yes, there is.

Continue to shop locally. Continue to patronize our area restaurants. Continue living life while implementing NPI to do our part to mitigate the spread while supporting our local economy. Our local businesses depend on us continuing to live our daily lives.

As the days and weeks evolve, we do not know what is to come, but we do know that our area businesses will continue to need our support.


The Chamber Executive Committee (Carrie Colburn, Tod Riley, Sue Ann Romohr, Pepper Papineau, Don Swanson, and Madonna Mogul

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