On behalf of the Friends of the Library “SOUPER SOUP Sale” Committee, I would like to thank all of those who contributed to another successful fundraiser.

Over 200 quarts of frozen soups found their way to new homes in about two hours.

First, thank you to Warren Thomas of Grand Central for donation of containers and lids, and to Max Lichti from Lichti’s Furniture, TV and Appliances for his generous loan of freezers in which to store the soup. We really could not have done it without your generosity.

Secondly, I would like to thank all of our soup donors: Kerry and Lisa Johnson of Kerry’s Restaurant, Tom and Suzanne Vanous of Chances ‘R’ Restaurant, Brian Tomes of Hunter’s Lounge, Brad and Tobi Walker of Offsides Bar & Grill, Pat and Karen Leach, Jean Vincent, Susan Cox, Todd Kirshenbaum, Deb Robertson, Irene Duncan, Suzie Ellis, Sue Ann Romohr, Barb Driewer, Sally Ruben, Allen Osentowski, Scott and Ruth Koch, Floyda Clayton, Dee Graham, Marcia Schlegelmilch, Virginia Holthus, Mike and Vicki Teetor, Pat Carpenter, Shirley Witte, Deb Heskett, Dave and Kathleen Michel, Joan Strong, Anabel Redfern, Jean and Tim Gardner, Gail Nordlund, Bonz Mogul, Rebecca Hasty and Betty Moyles . . . we also could not have done it without your willingness to pitch in and donate.

To all of our faithful, and new, soup customers, and generous monetary donations, we also could not have done it without you . . . thanks for helping us raise close to $3,500 for library programs, supplies, speakers and, of course, books!

To Susan, Todd, Irene, Deb, Sue, Carla, Suzi, Pat, Sally and all of our other volunteers that helped with the sale, my thanks . . . we (I) could not have done it without you!

The Great American Holiday Bread Run is now wrapped up. Matt Sehnert at Sehnert’s Bakery in McCook baked up 55 loaves of stollen bread, 31 loaves of cinnamon bread, plus raisin bread, pizza crusts and their famous bieroc (Runza) sandwiches, which I think may have set a new record for bread transfer and delivery. I wish everyone had a chance to sit in the car on the drive back to York with that car-full of baked delights sitting in the back. It smells so good . . . it smells like home, and the best of everything coming out of your mom’s oven during the holidays.

We made usual rounds to take an arrangement to Memorial Park Cemetery for our parents and sister, shopping downtown for specific items not found locally, lunch at Mac’s Drive-Inn, pick up flour from Wauneta Flour Mills and drive by Santa Claus Lane before heading out of town. Lots of great memories, great food and good people.

Thanks to Matt and all the Sehnert Family for taking such good care of us. There’s going to be more than 150 lucky people enjoying your breads and rolls with their families and friends this Christmas season.

I would like to give my best wishes to great-nephew Braydon Cox and his beautiful bride Katie Hitz who tied the knot last weekend. It was a beautiful, laid-back ceremony that was special for everyone. You make a perfect couple, and we are very proud of you. I was honored to provide 50 pounds of cheesy hash brown potatoes to help celebrate the occasion!

For some fun holiday entertainment, the Yorkshire Playhouse will be staging the comedy, “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.” Directed by Danielle Deal, the show focuses on the delinquent family of Herdsman children, who hijack the church Christmas program, much to former cast members’ dismay. They swipe the lead roles and make the play director’s job more difficult as the production grows closer. Never judge a book by its cover as one never knows what resides in someone’s heart. Expected to be a disaster instead turns out to be just what the church needs . . . a good dose of believing in the reason for the season. There are still tickets left for Friday, Dec. 14 only, with a 7:30 p.m. curtain. Ticket availability information can be found at www.yorkshireplayhouse.com, or by calling 402-362-7060.

Remember to please shop local. Our stores carry so many wonderful items for most of your shopping needs. If they don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, ask them if they can order it for you. Most businesses are willing to try to help keep their customers satisfied, and it’s that great customer service that makes our local stores such a pleasure to do business with.

For your calendars:

Dec. 13-15 -- “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” - Yorkshire Playhouse

Dec. 14-15 -- Christmas on the Farm - Wessels Living History Farm 1 - 5 p.m.

Dec. 17 -- York County Development Corporation presents “Making Positive Connections” with Ginger Johnson - Holthus Convention Center 4 - 6 p.m., registration $30

Dec. 21-22 -- Christmas on the Farm - Wessels Living History Farm 1 - 5 p.m.

Dec. 25 -- 11th Annual Christmas Day Dinner - Faith Lutheran Church 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Free-will offering

Dec. 26-27 -- Christmas on the Farm - Wessels Living History Farm 1 - 5 p.m.

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