All of us have often heard the well-used phrase that, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and it’s true.

We have our own version of it over on Eastridge Avenue, Eastridge Drive South, Eastridge Drive North, Ash Avenue and some of the surrounding streets.

In our case however, “It takes a neighborhood to raise a dog,” and no one knows better than all of our neighbors who know to open their garage doors and rush outside to try and corner that flying ball of fur of our Yorkshire Terrier, McGee.

He is a runner anytime he gets the chance, and will tear off in a dead run leaving the two of us chugging behind, yelling at him to stop, bribing him with a treat, or driving alongside with an open car door trying to tempt him with promises of a walk or nice long ride. Very seldom does any of that work. He thinks it’s a game to have two out-of-shape humans chasing him, only to bolt as we almost get within reach. He does not stop for traffic, not even police vehicles. To add insult to injury, he will immediately go to anyone except us . . . strangers or otherwise. We have had the stranger danger talk many times, but I admit, it hasn’t sunk it yet. As my sister says, it’s probably a good thing that I don’t have any kids of my own because I can’t even get my dogs to mind!

This holiday season has been a miserable, cold time chasing him up one street and down another, and holding your breath when the Schwann’s Man approaches in his loaded truck and slams on his brakes to avoid hitting this little Yorkie.

Santa has answered my Christmas wish for an underground, invisible fence. With my nephew’s knowledge and expertise on selecting and installing them, we will hopefully, very soon, not be running down the streets and into backyards with no coats or gloves, trying to keep him in sight.

We owe a great deal of thanks to neighbors Jeanne and Charlie Campbell, Tucker Boss, Deb Winchell, Marilyn Jackman, Kelly Kaiser, the Hills Family and the Tim Arndt Family, especially Scott, for retrieving McGee and bringing back home safe and sound. We hope to keep him alive long enough to get his overdue fence in.

Cletus the Cat? Well . . . let’s just say that I haven’t discouraged him from playing with the poinsettia leaves. (I’m just kidding, of course . . . or am I?!?)

Thursday, Jan. 9, we will be hosting several group tour operators at Clayton Museum of Ancient History on York College Campus and also at the Henderson Mennonite Heritage Park. These are folks that plan and coordinate bus tours across the country, so we are offering to give them pre-FAM tours before they attend the American Bus Association big convention being held in Omaha in January for the first time. We are anxious to show off what opportunities we have to offer in York County. Between these two stops and Wessels Living History Farm, we have a good day’s worth of varied history tours.

Don’t forget one of the first big January events when the York Ag Expo kicks off Jan. 9-10 at the Holthus Convention Center. Sixty vendors will be on hand to show and demonstrate the latest in innovative technology and equipment for area producers. Forget the cold winter weather, and join the folks at the York Ag Expo to get a jump-start on your spring planting season.

The best in area basketball is coming soon in York. The Mid-State Meltdown Basketball Tournament is Jan. 18 and 19. Following that will be the 49th annual Crossroads Conference Boys and Girls Basketball Tournament at the York City Auditorium Jan. 25-31. Don’t miss following your favorite area boys’ and girls’ teams take to the hardwoods.

Here’s to a safe, healthy and happy new year to all of you!

For your calendars:

January 6 . . . York Public Schools resume classes

January 9-10 . . . York Ag Expo~Holthus Convention Center

January 12 . . . York College Concert Choir Community Performance~Bartholomew Performing Arts Center

January 18-19 . . .Mid-State Meltdown Basketball Tournament~Citywide

January 21 . . . York Chamber Banquet~Holthus Convention Center

January 25-31 . . . Annual Crossroads Conference Boys & Girls Basketball Tournament~York City Auditorium

January 26 . . . Nebraska Bridal Show~Holthus Convention Center

January 28 . . . York-Hamilton County Cattlemen’s Banquet~Holthus Convention Center

February 6 . . . York County Spelling Contest~York College

February 8 . . . York Uncorked~Kilgore Memorial Library

February 11 . . . York Chamber Let’s Connect Luncheon~Holthus Convention Center

February 14-15 . . . York Home & Garden Show~Holthus Convention Center

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