New 2020 Nebraska Travel Guides and Nebraska State Maps are now available at the Visitors Bureau Office located at 601 North Lincoln Avenue.

Stop in and pick up your free copies, and let us help you plan your next trip exploring the hidden treasures right here in Nebraska.

Speaking of Nebraska trips, there were thousands of sandhill cranes winging their way over the area this past weekend. And while not a single one of them nailed my windshield, my head or my clothes line, their overhead migration is far from over with. Then come the robins!

March is normally optimum birding time in Nebraska, and there will be over three quarters of the world’s population of sandhill cranes descending from Grand Island to Kearney to North Platte for the rest of the month, and on into the first week or so of April. Now is the time to take advantage of those nice March days, and make a short road trip west to do some birdwatching. Add in the hundreds of thousands of geese and ducks and it’s a sight and sound you’ll never forget. New wildlife viewing guides are also available at our office free of charge.

The Visitors Bureau has ordered three brand new roll-up banners celebrating the 105th Anniversary of York and York County. Thanks to Nancy Beach of the York County Historical Society allowing us access to a great collection of archived photos and post cards, we were able to come up with some very amazing displays of early York County. Every community in the county is represented on the banners, as well as some beautiful old tokens used in each of the communities. Randy Mauer helped with the design work, and created three outstanding banners that can not only be used now, but for years to come.

They will be on display at the Visitors Bureau, but they were made with the intent that they can be set up in businesses or at activities around the county from here on out. You may use one, two or all three of them as they are designed to be displayed separately or together. We encourage our other York County communities to incorporate them into each of their local celebrations this summer and fall. There is no charge to use them, and they will be loaned out on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Garden seed and plants have all been ordered . . . and one company, who I’m sure wants me to order even more, made sure that I received my items within two days of ordering. Great customer service, but all I can do is look at the seed packets for at least another month. I’m positive that they figure that if I have a whole month or more before these get in the ground, that I will succumb to their colorful and enticing ads, and spend more. Despite multiple copies of every catalogue, each with a new and different photo on the cover, I am determined to not be fooled, and resist any temptation!

Planting locations remain under tight security, so that the produce thieves from the last couple of years do not pilfer my products this summer. I’m contemplating night-view trail cams installed at a couple of locations that are undetectable. If people can use them to try and catch Big Foot, I can try and catch the cabbage and onion robbers. There were no homemade runzas with home-grown cabbage this year, so please smile . . . I will be watching!

For your


March 6 -- York College Celebration Singers Spring Show - York College Bartholomew Performing Arts Center

March 9 -- York High School Band Festival & Concert - York High School Theater

March 15 - 16 -- York High School Alumni Basketball Tournament - York High School

March 19 -- Ides of March Dinner and Program - York College Mackey Center

March 19 -- Youth Involvement Fair -York City Auditorium 5 - 7 p.m.

March 21 -- Annual German Smorgasbord - Henderson Heartland School

March 21 -- St. Joseph’s “Wild About St. Joe’s” safari-themed dinner and auction for Pot ‘O’ Gold Fundraiser - Holthus Convention Center

March 25 -- YCDC Career Day - Holthus Convention Center

March 28 -- Craft Show - York City Auditorium

April 2 -- Flavors of York County- Holthus Convention Center

April 2-4 -- York College Songfest - York College Bartholomew Performing Arts Center

April 3-4 -- Annual Antique Tool Auction - York City Auditorium

April 4 -- York High School Greenhouse opens and FFA plant sales start - York High School

April 4 -- York Jr.-Sr. Prom - Holthus Convention Center

April 4-5 -- York College Spring Panther Days - York College Campus

April 10 -- Easter Hymn Sing -- Henderson Mennonite Heritage Park

April 10 -- York College Children’s Theatre Community Show - Bartholomew Performing Arts Center 7 p.m.

April 17-19 -- Olivia Nabb Senior Theatre Project - York College Gurganus Hall

April 19 -- Annual Boy Scout Auction - York City Auditorium

April 20 . . . York High School Honors Night~York High School Theater

April 20 -- Henderson Housing Tour - Citywide

April 20 -- Concert Choir Spring Works - York College Bartholomew Performing Arts Center

April 21 -- York Chamber “Let’s Connect” - Holthus Convention Center

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