As we walked into Nebraska State Fairgrounds yesterday afternoon for our final shift, I was hit by all of the wonderful smells at once, for some reason.

The BBQ smoke, the fried onions, the cinnamon roasted almonds, and the freshly popped popcorn assaulted my nasal sensors all at the same time. Besides the always entertaining people-watching, the smells and sounds are things that I love the best, and will miss the most, until next August.

Notes that I made from the vantage of our booth:

* Scooters should be restricted to only two per aisle side by side, or back to back at the same time . . . three are unacceptable. Two scooters and one baby stroller side by side is also not doable for traffic flow. Two senior ladies had a bit of a back and forth because the lady in front was blocking the speed demon behind her, who was sporting Husker flags, bags of chocolates and a Budweiser visor. Her language made even me blush.

* If you’re on a scooter, and on your phone, please don’t stop in the middle of the aisle and chat about what you’re bringing to the bridge club’s pot luck dinner in October. Remember . . . traffic flow!

* Most children of middle school age do not need knives of any size to carry on their person despite the plea being, “But mom, everyone else has one!”

* Free candy does not mean a whole handful, and yes, we have only two kinds, Tootsie Rolls and Life Savers, AND thank you so much for asking if that’s ALL we have! Turning up your nose will not win you any points.

* Screaming children are one thing, but screaming adults are a totally different animal. Take your argument outside so we don’t have to hear all the intimate details of your dentally-impaired husband’s dirty little trips to the thrice-divorced mama three trailers down. I do NOT need to know these things!

* Of all the fair food, JW’s food truck was our favorite stop for burgers and sloppy joes. Plus, all of it comes out of the famous Fry Hole door! An opportunity to trade fair stories with Melanie is alone worth the walk!

Many thanks to my wonderful volunteers: Margie Waller, Gail Hrdlicka, Donna Pinney, Sandy and Quinton Teegerstrom, Todd Kirshenbaum, Irene Duncan and Bob Burnham, Virginia Faye, JoAnn Kuester, Rosalie Hilmer, Evelyn Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Medinger, Henderson Mennonite Heritage Park, Sue Zavodny, Audrey Samuelson, Sandi and Allen Osentowski, Pat Carpenter, Suzi Rousseau, Bill and Mary Jo Hoefener, Doreen Luethje and Doris Bowman. I could not have done it without you!

Forty years and still going strong! “Back to the Future” is the theme of the 40th annual Yorkfest Celebration this weekend, Sept. 6-8. This is the culmination of over a year’s worth of careful planning by the Chamber Staff of Madonna, Kristie, Hannah and Rhonda, plus all of the Ambassadors and countless volunteers who make this a well-oiled machine.

Congratulations to the new 2020 Yorkfest King and Queen who received their official royalty hardware from retiring King Todd Kirshenbaum and Queen Lamoine Roth. Both of the new royalty will rule well over the next 12 months as amazing representatives of the York area. Well deserved!

There’s a jam-packed schedule of family activities including:

Friday: Yorkfest Royalty Brunch, Shop & Soup Chili Cook-Off, Free Funnel Cake Truck . . . first 100 free, Neon at Nite Run, Blue Collar Comedy Show by Jeremy Danley

Saturday: Fireman’s Pancake Feed, 2nd Anniversary Doughnut Giveaway/Triple Crown (while supplies last), Car Show, Street Fair and Food Trucks, Bloody Mary Bar/Eagles Club, Sloppy Joe Feeds/First United Methodist Church & York Elks Club, Husker Football Game Watch Party & Stephen Paul Concert/Offsides Tavern, Elks Home Run Derby, Skate Contest/Harrison Park, Bike at Night, Scott Carrel Piano Recital/York College Campus

Sunday: Knights of Columbus Breakfast/St. Joseph’s School Gym, Yorkfest Golf Tournament/York Country Club, Community Song Service/York College Prayer Chapel

For more detailed information on specific times and locations, please check the York Chamber website at See you at the Fest!

For your calendars:

September 6-8 . . . 40th Annual Yorkfest Celebration “Back to the Future~Citywide

September 12 . . . Salad Luncheon & Card Party~St. Joseph’s Catholic Church Lower Level 11:00 am/Meal $10.00 All welcome!

September 14 . . . Heritage Day~Henderson Mennonite Heritage Park

September 14 . . . Voices of Conscience Exhibit: Final Day for Viewing~Henderson Mennonite Heritage Park 9:00 am-4:00 pm

September 15 . . . York High School Greg Holoch Memorial Golf Tournament~York Country Club 12 noon

October 5 . . . Annual Craft & Vendor Show~York City Auditorium

October 12 . . . Harvest Festival~Wessels Living History Farm

October 17-20 . . . York College Fall Theatre Production~Bartholomew Performing Arts Center

October 18-20 . . . York College Homecoming & Fall Panther Days~York College Campus

October 20 . . . 15th Annual October Czechfest~Holthus Convention Center 9:30 am-5:00 pm

October 27 . . . Haunt at the Holthus~Holthus Convention Center

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