Carla and Reid Block of York were among the Fun Club travelers who shared Christmas memories during the recent trip to Christmas in Branson.

Every year on the way to “Christmas in Branson” I ask our travelers to share a Christmas memory. On the way home, we read these stories and its lots of fun hearing what others have experienced. I’ve selected a few of these to share with our readers.

A new baby and a bouncy castle

Carla Block of York said: “Our youngest daughter was born on Dec. 22 and we came home from the hospital two days later, on Christmas Eve! We celebrated with food and gifts at my parents’ house and then headed home to settle in for the night with our new baby and her two-and-a-half year old sister.”

“The two-and-a-half year old was totally into the whole Santa Claus idea and although we parents were pretty worn out, we didn’t want to disappoint her. Once the girls and momma were settled, Reid made numerous trips to the Quick Stop to fill his portable air tank so he could inflate the little bouncy castle we had for our daughter.”

“Two hours later, we finally turned off the lights and went to bed expecting squeals of delight the next morning. Instead, what we heard was a very loud “BANG” about 10 minutes later. Apparently, as the air in the bouncy castle warmed up, it expanded and blew up!”

“The fancy bouncy castle was now a wilted pile of plastic by the Christmas tree. Reid rolled it up and tossed it out while I dug out some of the stocking stuffers so there would be something under the tree from Santa in the morning.”

“Our little one was so excited to find a Barbie doll and a little guitar and she never knew what she missed out on. And, the newborn slept through it all!”

A gift for mom

Gloria Joy of York said: “When my daughter was eight years old, she really wanted to get me something for Christmas. I gave her $10 and told her there was a real pretty blue candy dish at the jewelry store. So, she went shopping.”

“She came home with two gifts and I wondered ‘How did she do that?’ I checked the store later and the blue candy dish was still there. The sales lady remembered my daughter and seemed surprised the gifts she bought were for me. So I bought the blue candy dish for myself.”

“On Christmas morning, my daughter was smiling from ear-to-ear when she gave me those two gifts. I was glad I was sitting down because I opened the surprise of my life. There were three little lady bugs and a bright green frog bank! Later, my daughter was quite happy to switch gifts after she opened the gift from me to her. I gave her a pretty blue candy dish from the jewelry store!”

Christmas Eve in the country church

Betty Meyer of Utica said: “A tradition in our family when I was a child was the Christmas Eve service in the small country church our family attended. One year when I was just a baby, my older brother and older sister were so excited for the Christmas Service because they each had a ‘part’ in telling the Christmas Story.”

“They put on their new Christmas clothes that my mother had laid out for them, bundled themselves up and took off walking to the church which was almost a mile from our home. They didn’t realize they were about two hours early for the service.”

“My parents were unaware what was happening because they were in the barn milking cows and doing the evening chores. When they returned to the house they found me all alone and my brother and sister were gone. Their fine Christmas clothes were gone as well.”

“My dad got into the ‘36 Chevy and went to the church and there they were, ready and anxious for their part in the service. He brought them back home and we all returned to the church later, together as a family!”

Branson photos

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