The Lettermen will entertain at the Merryman Center in Kearney on March 24. Call the Fun Club for ticket information.

For the past 50 years, The Lettermen have been known for their soft, romantic and harmonic blend of music.

Their sound is as appealing today as it was in 1961 when they recorded their first hit, “The Way You Look Tonight.”

That song was actually on the B-side of their first record because the sweet and slow song didn’t embrace the rock ‘n’ roll sound of the day. However, listener requests made it a must for radio station play lists and the song shot to No. 13 on the Billboard chart.

The group’s second single that same year did even better. “When I Fall In Love” was another soft, slow ballad and it hit No. 7, establishing The Lettermen as the most romantic singing group of the generation.

The Lettermen in Kearney

Would you like to hear some great 60’s music again? The Lettermen are coming to the Merryman Center in Kearney on Tuesday, March 24 and the Fun Club has tickets to their matinee performance. The cost for transportation, lunch prior to the show and great seats in the theatre is $89. Call the Fun Club at 402-745-6477 weekday mornings to add your name to the roster. Invoices will be sent about 6 weeks prior to the show.

The Hits Continued

The Lettermen were a hit with adult audiences throughout the 60s with their beautiful harmony and their love songs. They warmed us with “Our Winter Love,” and they begged for another chance in “Come Back Silly Girl.”

In 1966, they recorded one of the most loved holiday albums ever with “For Christmas This Year.” In late 1967, they recorded the group’s most requested hit which is the medley of “Goin’ Out Of My Head / Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.”

The magic continued with hits like “Hurt So Bad,” “Shangri-La” and “Put Your Head On My Shoulder.” In 1971, they scored with a song John Lennon wrote which was simply titled “Love.”

During the ensuing years, The Lettermen continued to release albums and travel the world and now they’re coming to Nebraska! Call the Fun Club to add your name to the roster for this concert that will feature the best love songs ever.

The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber

We have tickets available for the Sunday, Feb. 23, matinee performance of “The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber.” The show will feature powerful songs like the title song from “Phantom of the Opera” and the hauntingly beautiful song “Memory” from Cats. You’ll hear some of the fun songs from ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ and the sentimental “Love Changes Everything” from a lesser known Webber musical titled ‘Aspects of Love.’

Why do people love Andrew Lloyd Webber? Perhaps it’s because his shows feature music you can sing along with as well as music you remember. Call any weekday morning at 402-745-6477 to add your name to the roster. The cost is $76 inclusive for this wonderful afternoon of memorable songs.

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