The Fun Club enjoyed touring Glacier National Park in the iconic Red Jammer Buses during their last visit to the majestic park.

Another Fun Club tour has fallen victim to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 12-day motorcoach tour to Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons and Glacier National Parks scheduled for this summer is now being rescheduled for July 15-26, 2021. Those who were registered have been given first opportunity to re-book.

You can’t even imagine my disappointment when it became obvious we would not be able to pursue the tour this summer. Those who know me also know that our national parks are high on my list of places I love to be. These parks are God’s masterpieces and would be wise choices on anyone’s bucket list.

Our National Parks

Many of our readers have probably been to Yellowstone National Park and I’ll bet some of your memories include wildlife. We all have our stories of spotting a bear or having to wait for bison to cross the road or waking up to find elk lounging around the cabin. The geysers and all the geothermal activity in Yellowstone are other reasons to visit the park. Who hasn’t waited for Old Faithful to erupt, and when it comes right on schedule we realize what a miracle it truly is.

The Grand Tetons are also included in this tour. Have you seen the impressive mountains in this park? Dave and I first visited the Tetons when our family was young. I remember standing there gazing at the beauty all around and thinking “this is what purple mountain majesty is all about!” Yes, I know Katharine Lee Bates wrote those words after visiting Pike’s Peak, but the description sure seemed to fit here too.

The Fun Club visited the Grand Tetons about a dozen years ago and the float trip on the Snake River is a one of the activities I remember well. All the eagles and eagle nests spotted in trees along the banks of the river was an awesome sight. And then while on this serene float trip, one of the rascals in our group started a water fight among the four floats. It was another example of the Fun Club having some spontaneous fun wherever we go!

I have only been to Glacier National Park once and it was with the Fun Club. Even though it was ten years ago, my memory of our tour on the “Going to the Sun Road” in the iconic red jammer buses still makes me smile. The tops of our jammer buses were rolled back and we could take in the spectacular sights as we made the twists and turns on the high and narrow roads. The mountains and the scenery were grandiose and beautiful and I could hardly wait to do it again this summer!

So even though the tour won’t happen this year, it’s worth the wait until July 2021 when everything will be better. More information will be available once all the details have been confirmed.

Contact the Fun Club

The Fun Club staff has continued to work at home during the pandemic. Please contact us via my cell phone at 402-366-9648 or Dave’s cell at 402-366-4322.You may also email us at Updated information can be found on our website at

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