Vernelle and Gerald Friesen of Henderson were among the Fun Club travelers to Branson who shared an idea for family fun.

Do you have some fun ways to entertain your holiday guests?

Enroute to our “Christmas in Branson” trip a few weeks ago, I asked our travelers to share a Christmas memory. Several in the group shared some fun activities they have done with their families. Maybe you’ll get an idea or two to use with your own families.

Gift grab

Vernelle Friesen of Henderson said: “We volunteer at the Et-Cetera Shop in Seward. They always sell big paper bags full of Christmas things for $1 to $2. The bags are stapled shut. We bought enough bags for everyone.”

“We drew numbers and when someone’s number was read, they picked a sack and had to show what they got. Everything had to be taken home and could not be donated back to the Et-Cetera Shop. Of course, some items found their way into other sacks! It was so much fun.”

Holiday challenge

Jani Pickrel of Benedict said: “After our grandchildren were older, my husband would come up with different challenges for them. One year it was based on the TV show ‘Survivor.’ They had to see who could eat all the foods he selected, such as baby food spinach, oysters, sardines and hot peppers, to name a few. The grandchild who pinched his nose shut and closed his eyes while eating these managed to be the winner.”

“Another time the grandkids were to make cars out of food items that could actually run down a ramp. We had cars made out of candy bars, pickles, bananas and even a lemon with peppermint candy wheels. The last one wasn’t successful because the lemon juice dissolved the candy! Cookies were popular for wheels.”

Gingerbread Houses

Don Bohling of York said: “Our kids and grandkids have decorated gingerbread houses. We glued graham crackers together to make the house and then they decorated the houses any way they wanted.”

I’m sure Don and Betty had an assortment of candies available to make adorable houses. And they even planned for a reward at the end.

Don said: “We always made sure everyone won a prize for using their imagination.”

Card games

Dr. Roger Meyer of Utica said: “I think it was Christmas Eve 2014 when our kids braved the snow storm and got to our house in Utica. They were snowed in with us for three days.”

“The grandkids had never played cards of any kind. We taught them how to play Pitch and to this day when they are at our house, they want to play Pitch.”

“It was also a great way for the entire family to bond!”

Gift certificates

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