The Fun Club will attend “Life with Father” at the Lofte Theatre in May. The comedy is based on a son’s memories of growing up in New York City in the late 1880’s.

“Life with Father” is a son’s fond memories of his Victorian youth spent in the home of his authoritarian but lovable father.

Love and laughter are prevalent throughout the show as the family goes about life in the late 19th century New York City.

The Fun Club will attend this fun production at the Lofte Theatre in Manley on Sunday, May 31. Prior to the show the travelers will enjoy a delicious lunch catered by Rick and Connie Bruns of “Get ‘er Done Cooking.” The cost of $72 includes motorcoach transportation, lunch and theatre admission.

What’s the story?

Wall Street businessman Clarence Day strives to run his Madison Avenue home as efficiently as his business but he constantly finds himself outwitted by his charming wife Vinnie.

Vinnie and Clarence have four sons, all of whom are redheads like their parents. The eldest, Clarence Jr., has just met the girl of his dreams. John, the next eldest, likes to invent things and has gotten involved in selling a patent medicine. Their younger brother Whitney struggles to learn his catechism and Harlan, the youngest, is most interested in his dog.

Things get interesting when cousin Cora and her companion Mary come to spend a week with the family. Mary mentions that she is a Methodist, unlike the Days who are Episcopalian. During the ensuing religious discussion, Clarence reveals he has never been baptized. Vinnie is shocked and insists Clarence rectify this to ensure they will be reunited after death. Clarence refuses because he is certain God would never be so thoughtless as to deny him entry into heaven.

When Vinnie becomes deathly ill from the patent medicine her sons are selling, Clarence promises her that he will be baptized if she gets well. When Vinnie recovers, Clarence tries to ignore his promise. Join us for the fun as the charming Vinnie utilizes clever tactics to get her way. Call the Fun Club at 402-745-6477 any weekday morning to register for this delightful show.

Musical at Grand Island

Did you know the Fun Club has attended the Grand Island Northwest High School musicals for the last 16 years? And during those 16 years our travelers have raved about the shows. We started attending their spring productions because their musical director was from our area and his family was well-known by Fun Club travelers. We continued to go to the shows because they were excellent. Last year, this musical director’s accident left him in a wheelchair and he was unable to direct or even assist with the show. In fact, a substitute teacher took over the production and the play “Newsies” was outstanding. Grand Island Northwest High School has such tremendous parent and community backing and such great support from school staff and students, how could it be otherwise?

This school year, they hired Jeff Vyhlidal away from Grand Island Senior High. They knew he had outstanding success with his productions right there in the same community. And they were thrilled to welcome him into the Northwest family. Yes, the previous director is no longer with the program but I believe the 2020 show will be just as impressive as the shows have been in the past.

The Fun Club has plenty of tickets available for their Saturday, March 21, matinee. The cost is only $69 for motorcoach transportation, buffet lunch at Grand Island’s Valentino’s and reserved seats at their very comfortable theatre. Wide seats and the most legroom you’ll ever find in a theatre are two more attractive reasons to attend.

Call the Fun Club at 402-745-6477 to register for the production of “Hairspray” which features great 60s music, some comedy and a storyline that promotes working to achieve your dreams.

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