The coronavirus pandemic affects everyone. Even though the Fun Club loves to travel, this is the time to stay home, if you can, to protect yourself and others.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to play havoc with life as we know it.

Meanwhile, the Fun Club continues to monitor our travel schedule and work with tour companies, theatres, and transportation and entertainment venues to cancel, postpone and reschedule events as we are able.

Dave and I have joined thousands of others who are working from home this week. Below is the latest news on upcoming activities.

• April 7, “Harrah’s Casino” - Both Harrah’s and Horseshoe casinos have cancelled all motorcoach activities through April 19. Our next scheduled date is Thursday, May 14, at Horseshoe.

• April 16, “The Lion King” at the Orpheum - The Orpheum has cancelled or rescheduled all shows through April 12. We’ve been asked to be patient while they make decisions and arrangements for their mid to late April activities, including Lion King.

• April 23, “Beautiful - The Carole King Musical” at the Lincoln Lied Center - The Lied has cancelled or rescheduled all shows through April 16. We’ll let you know at a later date if this one will be cancelled or postponed. If you have not yet sent payment, you may delay until we have more information.

• April 28 - May 1 - “Fun Club Mystery Trip” - We have cancelled this four-day tour and hope to reschedule it for another time. Those registered have been sent a refund and will be given first chance to re-book when new arrangements are made.

• May 12 - “Travel Show” will feature two 2021 Fun Club destinations including “Great Trains and Grand Canyons” in February 2021 and “England, Scotland and Wales” in October 2021. If we are unable to meet, this activity will be held later in the year. We hope to have the brochures for these two trips available on our website soon.

• June 3 - 9 - “Iceland Explorer” - No new information is available for this tour. Those registered were contacted with the options which include: 1) going with the tour as scheduled, 2) moving to a September date, 3) canceling the trip with reimbursement as listed in the brochure or 4) cancelling the June trip and getting a credit towards a future Premier World Discovery tour. Right now, the June trip is still on the schedule but this may change as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

• July 16 - 27 - “Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and Glacier National Parks” - We have chosen to wait and see what happens in the next month or two before making a decision on this tour. The health and safety of our travelers is of utmost importance to us. If we postpone, those registered will receive first opportunity to re-book if new arrangements can be made.

Thanks to all our travelers for being patient during these difficult times. As much fun as the Fun Club has traveling to interesting and exciting places, we recognize this is a time we need to cooperate in social distancing and, better yet, staying home. Let’s all try to “flatten the curve” and rid ourselves of the coronavirus monster.

Any updates this week will be found on our website at You may contact us via email at or call me at 402-366-9648 or Dave at 402-366-4322 with question

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