The Fun Club will attend the hilarious Neil Simon comedy “The Sunshine Boys” on March 15.

The late Neil Simon continues to reign as America’s favorite playwright.

His ability to create memorable characters who wrestle with universal problems associated with love, loss, family and aging have endeared him to legions of theatre fans. “The Sunshine Boys” showcases his brilliant ability to create side-splitting dialogue as well as his talent for physical comedy.

The Fun Club will attend the beloved Neil Simon comedy “The Sunshine Boys” on Sunday, March 15, at the Lincoln Community Playhouse. The cost is $78 which includes motorcoach transportation, lunch at Valentino’s Grand Italian Buffet and great seats at the theatre. Call the Fun Club at 402-745-6477 any weekday morning to register for this very funny show.

What’s the show about?

Al Lewis and Willy Clark were a popular vaudeville comedy team known as “The Sunshine Boys.” After working together for over 40 years, they parted company on not-too-friendly terms and have not spoken since. Willy wanted to continue his career but Al wanted to retire and become a stockbroker which effectively forced Willy into retirement.

When the show opens, Willy is barely getting by in his tiny, run-down New York apartment. His nephew Ben comes every week to restock the pantry with groceries and cigars. Ben is a talent agent and has been trying to find acting jobs for his uncle but has had little success due to his uncle’s age and declining memory.

An opportunity comes up when one of the television networks is planning to air a special on the history of comedy and wants the Sunshine Boys to re-enact their famous “Doctor Skit.” Ben convinces the former comedy team to reunite but once the reunion is on, the sparks and the one-liners start to fly with equal speed. Can Al and Willy put aside their differences to perform this one last gig?

Give the Fun Club a call and join us for this hilarious performance!

Other Activities:

Tickets are available for these coming activities:

• “The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber” - Sunday, Feb. 23, at the TADA Theatre in Lincoln. $76 for transportation, lunch and theatre admission. Webber composed some of the most recognizable Broadway music of all time including songs from “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Cats.”

• Horseshoe Casino at Council Bluffs - Thursday, March 5. $30 for transportation. Complimentary luncheon if pre-registered. Please notice: the casino trip is earlier this month!

• “Hairspray” - Saturday, March 21, at Grand Island Northwest High School. $69 for transportation, lunch and theatre admission. A quirky teenager dreams of dancing on a TV dance show in 1962 Baltimore in this musical comedy.

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