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Fillman Law Offices, LLC | York Nebraska


507 N Lincoln Ave
York, NE 68467
Last Updated: March 1, 2018


Special hours: Closed from 12:00-1:00pm.


About Fillman Law Offices, LLC | York Nebraska

A law firm built on experience

Fillman Law Offices was Started in 1958 by Gordon Fillman, upon his conclusion of active duty service in the United States Navy as a legal officer. Since then, Fillman Law Offices has gained over 80 years of experience in almost all facets of law. Gordon Filman, also served more than 40 years as the counsel for Perennial Public Power. His son Steven Fillman has continued the tradition by serving 4 years of active duty in the U.S. Navy as a JAG Corps prosecutor and handled hundreds of federal criminal appeals cases in Washington D.C. as defense counsel. Their time spent in the Navy has earned them vast amounts of knowledge and experience dealing with all kinds of legal cases. When it comes to legal difficulties, experience can be the difference between winning and losing. Our incorporation of Lisa Meyer, a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Omaha, where she earned her doctorate at the College of Law, has only increased the value and expertise of our firm.

Serving the York County area in all major aspects of law

We are proud to say our expertise spans a vast amount of legal services. We handle estate planning, wills, trusts, family law, corporate and business law, civil and criminal litigation, person injury, bankruptcy, transactional law, and family law such as divorce, child custody, personal injury and landlord tenant cases. If you are in a legal bind don’t hesitate to call us. We will handle your case with the utmost care and attention to detail.


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