Ginger was not only a very unique cat but she was a sweet and endearing soul.

According to our records when she came to us in 2017 and she had been passed from home to home many times. So tiny, and with her unusual under bite combined with only four canine teeth left in tack, she reminded you more a cartoon character. She insisted on being wherever you were, and her little paws kept continually kneading as she would watch your face.

Her preferred food was baby food but she could be enticed with baked chicken & kitten snacks. For some unknown reason she would lay flat at the floor, and reach her left paw into the water dish and lick the moisture off her paw while her right paw would continue to paw the floor.

I knew her time was limited when I took her in to foster but she seemed to flourish and we had a wonderful two years with her. I have never had a cat that I didn’t love, but there are those that you not only love but feel a great attachment to.

Ginger was one of those few. Her little tongue would protrude because she had no teeth to hold it in. She tended to drool when she was happy and content. She loved to cuddle she was perfect in my eyes.

What more can one say? She has crossed the rainbow bridge and I truly believe that she is patiently waiting and watching for me.

I miss you Ginger and thankfully I was able to give you a lifetime of love in the two short years we had you.

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