Good Wife Norma

Good Wife Norma is framed by (what better be) the last three of nine rescue wiener dogs that have shared our lives over the past 27 years.

Max the Original Herd Bull Wiener came to us in fall of 1992 ... little did we know then that over the next 27 years eight more half-a-dog-tall by a dog-and-a-half-long annoying little yappers would follow.

It began when, facing empty nest syndrome in the face of the looming departure to college of our youngest, Tiffany, I, for the first time in years and years, didn't say no to getting a dog. Didn't say yes or anything like it; all I did was fail that one time to thunder out a "No!" as I’d done so many times in the past.

Perhaps I was frightened into pet capitulation by the prospect of Good Wife Norma having no one left in the house but me upon which to turn her full attention, but if that were indeed the case I’ll never admit it.

Enter Max, a black short-haired doxie in need of a home. Against my better judgement I chauffeured GWN from Lexington to Lewellen of all places to 'rescue' this wriggling, perpetually piddling puppy.

That round trip of some six hours changed everything at the Moseley household from that day to this, occasionally in a good way. Just kidding. Though my tolerance and passion for these little mutts with the odd anatomy is light years short of GWN's, I dutifully soldier on.

Between Max and the girls - Ebby, Daphne and Annie with GWN in the photo - came five others.

But never more than three at once. We may be dumb but we ain’t crazy. Then again ...

The bottom line of this message is to remind you there are a bunch of dogs - and cats, too - stuck in the raucous confines of York Adopt a Pet's shelter waiting for you to drop by and say hello. This wonderful organization's folks will give them generous and kind attention until you get there ... just don’t make them wait too much longer please.

I am reminded of the closing scene in the wildly popular movie Pretty Woman. Richard Gere, after coming to fetch the damsel in distress astride his white steed (actually a white limo), asks what happens after the princess is rescued by her knight in shining armor to which Julia Roberts replies, "She rescues him right back."

Adopted pets do that, too, if you give them a chance.

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