I’m writing today about stray dogs.

Almost everyday at the shelter we get calls there are dogs running. Many of you know I monitor a site on Facebook called “Missing and Found Pets in the York, NE Area”. I use this site strictly for finding missing animals that the shelter is looking for or animals someone is needing help with. I appreciate all of the shares we get on this site as it helps in our rescue attempts. This group has made it so much easier to find these dogs and cats and we have been much more successful in the last couple of years. If you are not a member and would like to help, please consider joining our group and assisting our efforts.

This week I wanted to write about a couple of dogs that have been found. First I would like to speak about Booker the white German Shepherd. I had been out several times looking for this guy and could not find him. Finally the sheriff called and told me a gentleman had him on his property. My husband and I took off right away and we called the guy who had him and asked him to to please try to feed him in a shed so he would not run away. As luck would have it, he was so weak that we did not have any problems getting him contained and he allowed us to pick him up and put him in the back of my SUV. A happy ending for this one. It took months to get him back to normal, but he is finally there.

Unfortunately, not all stories have happy endings like the story I just told you. A couple months ago we got in a little Yorkshire Terrier that had been out in the country. A man named Daniel found him. He called to ask if we would take him and of course we said yes. Our guess was that he was out there for quite some time as when we got the little guy he was an absolute mess. I’m not sure if I have ever seen so many ticks on a dog that small before. I grabbed him out of the box right away and held him. It was absolutely horrifying to see all of the ticks inside his ears and all over his little body.

Noelle and I started removing the ticks right away and also applied a topical on him.

We got him a nice dog bed and some blankets and we got him set up in a kennel so he could rest. We decided to feed him homemade chicken and rice until he was feeling better. Two of our board members Charlie and Debbie Sanders wanted to name him. They chose the name “Ezekiel” meaning God Strengthens. He would be called Zeke for short.

That next morning, Michelle Brugh and I had him outside after his breakfast. We were sitting on the ground and when he heard my voice he walked over and laid against my leg. This was a moment I will never forget. He knew we were trying to help him and he was showing us that he was thankful for that. Sadly, the story pretty much ends there. When we came in the next day, he was deceased. I was so sad and shed tears. I hadn’t known him for long but he had made a big impact on my life. If he had only had a chance.

Sometimes in rescue things can be tough. We continue to rescue because we love the animals. Thanks again to everyone who helps in our rescue attempts. It is greatly appreciated by our staff and volunteers, but mostly by the animals. Be kind.

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