As I look out my office window here at home, on Thursday morning, the snow is falling softly, no wind and it is a beautiful scene with the birds and squirrels feeding at their food stations. I have a couple of fosters sitting with me, one sitting on half of the computer keys as I try to type around her, one sitting at the window diligently watching the birds eating their mid-morning snack.

I went to sleep last night knowing that snow and cold temperatures were heading our way. When my phone rang late last night I heard a woman’s voice saying, “Please can you help me.”

She said “I just took trash out to my dumpster and I found four little kittens forging in the garbage for food.They were very scared but I was able to catch all four and I have them in my dog carrier.”

I changed clothes and was waiting for her at my door.

Soon a car pulled into my driveway and four tiny very scared little kittens sat looking at me from a dog carrier with huge blue eyes. The building is so full, so I got them settled into a large kennel with fresh water, kitten food, a little litter box and a soft warm blanket at my house. They immediately started eating and when they cleaned up the bowl, they curled up in a tight little ball at the back of the cage and continued to watch me. I am sure that they were afraid of what was coming next. But I hope to give them the assurance that they are now safe. They won’t be eating out of any more trash cans, they won’t have to find a warm place to sleep as the temperatures dip and the snow continues to fall, they are safe . . . and secure.

Truly there is no better feeling in the world to know that you have the power to save an animal from pain and suffering. This would have been a very bleak outlook for these four little babies if Laurie had not spotted them and then made the decision not to turn around and go back into her house without trying to rescue them. Many people would have walked away but thankfully there are more Lauries out there who will come to an animal’s needs.

The attached pictures are just phone pictures I took last night, they haven’t had time to have their “photo session” with Diane Wolfe. She will capture their personalities and I guarantee you they are beautiful little fur balls. Watch our website for their pictures.

Yes we have four more kittens that will need homes, four more families to find, but the bottom line is four more kittens now have a chance of living in a warm home, with food, water and vet care. But most importantly they will have a safe and secure home. One filled with love and attention. Their fearfulness will give way to the joy of being a healthy playful little kitten. They will have their siblings to play with, cuddle with, and one day soon they will be placed in their forever homes. Life is good when you know the true definition of safe and secure.

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