Arrest made after threats, vandalism

The York County Sheriff’s Department and troopers with the Nebraska State Patrol arrested Pavel Kislyak at the Henderson interchange on Thursday. Sheriff Dale Radcliff says Kislyak’s increasingly violent behavior prompted them to get an arrest warrant. It is alleged that Kislyak threatened Henderson residents and law enforcement, damaged property and assaulted a state patrol trooper while being taken into custody. After he refused to come out of his building, a canine unit was dispatched inside.

YORK — Pavel Kislyak, 36, of Henderson has been arrested on several counts after allegedly displaying irrational behavior that resulted in damage at a business there and threats to law enforcement.

Kislyak has already been the subject of controversy, as seen during a recent public hearing with the county commissioners regarding his business property at the Henderson interchange. Members of the community said they were concerned about the strange rantings that Kislyak had painted on his commercial property, as well as his behavior in which he allegedly yelled at motorists, threw rocks and other debris at passing vehicles.

It was alleged that he’s had numerous encounters with truck drivers who were parked at the interchange, including that he put human feces all over the outside of a cab.

The sheriff’s department has had several encounters with Kislyak, including at the courthouse after he allegedly displayed unusual interest in the location in the judges’ offices and had words with county employees. He’s been escorted from the courthouse property on at least two occasions.

York County Sheriff Dale Radcliff says an arrest warrant was obtained after his office received reports at 3 a.m., Thursday morning, that Kislyak was allegedly displaying irrational behavior, yelling and throwing rocks at the Subway restaurant (which is located next door to his property), while naked.

“During that, he broke windows on the Subway property and made numerous threats,” Sheriff Radcliff said. “Prior to that, on Wednesday, we were told that he endangered the public by driving erratically in the area, making threats — and there were children there at the time.”

The arrest warrant says he allegedly drove through the Subway parking lot and then onto the Sun Motel property at a high rate of speed, nearly out of control. Witnesses say he was yelling obscenities and that he was “going to burn the businesses down.” They also told the sheriff’s department that he nearly ran over several children.

Sheriff Radcliff said Kislyak also tied up all the phone lines to the sheriff’s department, early Thursday morning, as the dispatcher received 27 calls on the 911 line between 12:47 and 2:15 a.m., and 29 calls on the administrative phone line between 12:55 and 1:50 a.m.

“These calls prohibited the dispatcher from performing other necessary functions of the job as well as prohibited other calls from coming into the sheriff’s office, thereby obstructing the operations of the sheriff’s office.” Sheriff Radcliff said that during those calls, Kislyak threatened the dispatchers, saying “he’d used bombs before and would again.”

“Based on his past behavior and the increasingly violent actions, we obtained an arrest warrant,” Sheriff Radcliff said.

Assisting the sheriff’s department were troopers with the Nebraska State Patrol. Sheriff Radcliff said they arrived at Kislyak’s interchange property shortly before 2 p.m.

“We had to forcibly enter the property as he wouldn’t respond,” Sheriff Radcliff said. “We asked him to come out and he refused. We requested assistance because we didn’t know if he had weapons inside and we were well aware of his violent tendencies. We forced the door open and sent a canine inside. Then, he assaulted one of the law enforcement officers as we were attempting to take him into custody.”

Kislyak was taken to the York County Jail where he remains in custody. Sheriff Radcliff says he’s being held on charges of willful reckless driving (based on his alleged driving through the Subway and motel parking lots on Wednesday), disturbing the peace and obstruction of government operations (because of the officer assault and tying up the phone lines).

A bond hearing is pending.

Kislyak’s criminal history is long and he is listed as a “multi-state offender” in which “caution is given for officer safety.”

He’s been convicted of assault, obstruction, failure to obey a lawful order, criminal trespassing, malicious mischief, possession of a stolen vehicle and forgery. There is currently an active warrant out of California for assault with a deadly weapon, but that state has turned down extradition.

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