Bill Bamesberger

Bill Bamesberger

YORK – York County Commissioner Bill Bamesberger will ultimately remain on that board for another four years, after earning more votes than challenger Dale Siebert.

Both men are Republicans and there were no challengers from other affiliations, so while Bamesberger’s name will have to be on the General Election ballot, the victory is ultimately his.

This race was for the representation of District 3, which is made up of the Morton, Arborville, Bradshaw, Lockridge, Brown and Henderson precincts.

Bamesberger received 352 votes, compared to 128 for Siebert.

The following is a break-down of how people voted in the different precincts:

· Morton-Arborville-Bradshaw-Lockridge: Bamesberger, 77; Siebert, 50

· Brown-Henderson: Bamesberger, 233; Siebert, 63

· Early ballots: Bamesberger, 42; Siebert, 15

Bamesberger is in his second term as county board member. In three of the eight years he’s served, he was the commissioner chairman.

A resident of Henderson, Bamesberger served as clerk/treasurer of his hometown from 1974-2000. He was also chairman of the Henderson Commercial Club twice, served on the Henderson Foundation Board, Heritage and Tourism Board, was secretary/treasurer of the Henderson Ambulance District, was home show chairman twice, as well.

When asked earlier why he should be reelected, Bamesberger said the “past 7 ½ years have given me a lot of experience in learning the process and functions of county government. I feel the knowledge I have gained during this time has better qualified me to continue being a public servant for York County. Experience is a key issue, plus I enjoy the challenges.”

He says his objective in running “is to be a public servant to all citizens of York County now and in the future.”

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