YORK – Todd Watson says he believes in defending the nation’s Constitution, that it’s time for people to get to work in Washington D.C. rather than take money from special interest groups and raise money for their political parties . . . and it’s time to do what the people have sent them there to do.

Watson is seeking the Republican nomination for Nebraska’s U.S. Senate seat – a position currently held by Senator Deb Fischer.

“She didn’t do what she said she was going to do,” Watson said this week, in an interview with the York News-Times. “She said she was going to work for spending to be cut, for the national debt to go down and for the repeal of Obamacare. Well, since she’s been in Washington, she’s voted yes to increase spending, the national debt went up and Obamacare still exists. If someone doesn’t do their job, they get fired. Nebraska fired Mike Riley after three years and we liked him. It’s time that Nebraska fires Deb Fischer and puts someone in that position to actually do the work. We have to replace the cronies and I’m not afraid to stand up for the people.”

Some may remember that Watson was a candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2014.

Why is he running again? Watson says Fischer hasn’t fixed anything since she’s been representing Nebraska . . . and “someone effective, someone who will stand up for our constitution and work hard for the people, someone has to go to Washington. We can’t wait for another wasted six years to go by. I’m that person.”

Watson was born and raised in Lincoln.

“I grew up the son of a school teacher and a realtor,” Watson says of his past. “My four grandparents farmed, owned a salon, worked for Northern Natural Gas and operated as a bank teller. Their working spirit still thrives in me. I ran my own lawn business in junior high, printed t-shirts in high school, assisted my father in his apartment management business and spent a lifetime traveling to Wayne to visit the grandparents and walk the family farms. Cleaning toilets, painting, yard work, removing fence posts and walking beans were part of my grunt work to mature. After I graduated from Lincoln Southeast High School, I received a scholarship offer from TCU where I obtained my Bachelors of Business Administration degree in Accounting with a Minor in Political Science. While at TCU, I served as the Student Body Chair for the TCU Committee of 100 to rebuild the foundation of TCU athletics.

“While at TCU, I was fortunate to be selected to intern on a full-time basis on Capitol Hill to assist Nebraska Congressman Jon Christensen-R. I was able to observe how DC worked from the inside. I felt called at an early age to begin preparing for public service. Our retired Representatives had visions for a better Nebraska. They remain instilled in me.

“I spent much of my time in DC at Weighs and Means hearings. I enjoyed the debates and studies on taxes so much that I continued my education in taxation. I was offered a slot at the University of Texas prestigious accounting program to obtain my Masters with an emphasis in taxation. Upon graduation, I became a CPA and went to work for KPMG, LLP.

“I left the firm to build a consulting practice for a Fortune 500 firm (Robert Half International). The team I assembled built a worldwide top 10 billable consulting practice in Fort Worth with the Financial/IT consultants I found for clients I brought to the company. The success at Robert Half led me to start my own consulting firm in Scottsdale, Ariz. We opened a second consulting practice in Dallas, Texas the following year.

“After a successful run in consulting, I sold both practices in 2007 and moved to Chicago where I worked as a private trader and contracted in venture capital and consulted on acquisitions. Although I enjoyed private equity, my heart was in entrepreneurial business. My wife and I also had a desire to raise our kids in a culture of winning values. Those values are in Nebraska.

“We moved back to Lincoln in 2009. I assumed the CEO role of our family real estate management firm. Our firm now manages over $200 million in assets. I love serving our clients, employees and customers to this day. In addition to becoming CEO, we built upon our leasing technology expertise. My brother David and I started one of the successful Silicon Prairie Tech companies. In eight years, our company has expanded to serve clients in 37 states and has surpassed the size of our real estate firm. In addition, I became the managing member of our family farms in Wayne during my tenure. My experiences in small business, start-ups, venture capital, tech firms, and agriculture equips me with a great depth of economic experience that will help me craft Constitutional legislation that will facilitate positive economic policy.”

He says the government was designed to do certain things – have an effective court system, provide a strong military, have good general welfare, provide an adequate infrastructure. “Focus on that, that’s what our leaders are supposed to be doing. We need a good government, but it needs to be limited.”

He says he’s extremely concerned about the debt that is “going to bankrupt future generations” and if “everyone just did what they were supposed to do, if they got to work and upheld their duties according to the constitution, this country wouldn’t be in the condition it is today. I’m not afraid to stand up and do it.”

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