YORK – The York City Council will have its second reading on an ordinance that would allow PEX plumbing in York, during their next regular meeting on Thursday.

Currently, it is not allowed and this matter was brought to the council a few months ago.

A number of people have advocated for the use of PEX because it is cheaper than using copper.

“The plumbing board met and this request has been on the table for several years now, to allow this besides just copper,” explained York Public Works Director Mitch Doht during a recent meeting. “This is just the first reading and it is coming with a recommendation that the plumbing board had for the council.”

“This also has gone through the ordinance committee,” offered York City Administrator Joe Frei.

“Yes, this makes PEX allowable – not for underground or water service lines, but from the meter to the inside of a property,” Doht said further. “And anything larger than two inches (in diameter) has to be copper.”

“There would be certain standards?” asked Councilman Ron Mogul.

“Yes, that’s already built into the building code,” Doht said.

“As Mitch said, this is just the first reading,” said Mayor Barry Redfern. “Now we are looking for feedback.”

No one spoke for or against the proposed new ordinance at the first reading.

Ordinances get three readings before they are put for up approval or disapproval. The council does have the option to suspend the rules and take a vote at the second reading if they feel they’ve had enough public input and received enough information.

Also on Thursday night’s agenda (as of Monday afternoon, as the agenda can change between now and then):

• A second hearing regarding the city’s comprehensive plan is scheduled. So far, only a general review of the 220-plus-page document has been presented to the council – although they all have copies to personally read. It has been indicated that the company preparing the updated comprehensive plan will be making a formal presentation in the future.

• The council will consider authorizing property acquisition by eminent domain of real estate owned by Garet Peters. The council agenda says this involves a .78-acre area along the west edge of the site located near the northeast corner of East 16th Street and North Washington Avenue. This would be for future street right-of-way.

It also involves a .63-acre area along the north edge of that same area, for a permanent utility easement.

The public is encouraged to attend the meeting, which is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m., in the council chambers.

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