YORK – The City of York will soon start advertising for applicants seeking the position as head of the public works department.

Mitch Doht resigned from his position as public works director in April and the position has been vacant since.

During Thursday night’s meeting of the city council, York City Administrator Joe Frei said he wanted to “see what we will get” as far as applicants and their qualifications.

“The position would be for a civil engineer, until we see what qualifications of applicants we get back,” Frei said. “We have to see first and go from there and really, play it by ear.”

“We are going to look at what talent is out there,” said Mayor Barry Redfern. “What kind of a timeframe are we looking at?”

Frei said he’d like the process to be completed by the end of September.

“And as a reminder, this position is in the budget,” Mayor Redfern told the council.

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