Commissioner Paul Buller

Commissioner Paul Buller

YORK – Monday afternoon, Amie Kopcho of York announced via a letter to the editor to the York News-Times that she will no longer be pursuing the recall of York County Commissioner Paul Buller.

Kopcho made her decision with a little over a week remaining before the deadline in which she was supposed to turn in the recall petitions.

“I have decided that I cannot be solely responsible for a man to lose his job,” Kopcho said. “I stood up in front of the commissioners and explained to Mr. Buller that he needed to listen to many voices, not just one – and he needed to focus on and do the job he was voted on to do.

“We as people are not perfect, we all mistakes,” she said. “Mr. Buller has made some mistakes and now it is time that he starts over. I can find fault in things that Commissioner Buller does, but should I be responsible for taking away his job? I am not so sure. All eyes are on you, Commissioner, please make the voters of District One pleased with your service.”

In her recall petition, Kopcho alleged “Mr. Buller does not understand and refuses to represent the needs of all the people of York County. He often shows up to meetings ill prepared and uninformed about the current issues.” She also alleged Buller violated the Open Meetings Act, which Buller denied.

In Buller’s official defense statement, he also said he was a strong voice for agriculture, “listens to the people of his district and bases his votes on facts, not rumors and personal agendas.”

The deadline for the petitions to be turned in to the clerk’s office was Oct. 28 – but with Kopcho’s announcement, it appears no petitions will be turned in and the effort will be ending.

If no petitions are turned in, that means there will be no recall election regarding the position of Commissioner Buller.

Read Kopcho's Letter to the Editor HERE

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