York County Commissioners Kurt Bulgrin and Jack Sikes

News-Times/Eric J Eckert

York County Commissioners Kurt Bulgrin and Jack Sikes look at the blueprints for the new emergency communications center while on a tour this week inside the new facility.

YORK – This week, the York County Commissioners took a tour of the inside of the facility which will soon house the combined emergency communications center.

The total space is approximately 3,200 square feet – 1,600 square feet on each floor as there is a basement space.

When the county commissioners left their regular meeting, they simply went down the hallway from their basement meeting room to what was the courthouse break room – and proceeded through the doorway that has been cut to connect the courthouse with the new addition.

The basement space will house an employee bathroom, an evidence room for the sheriff’s department and a mechanical room to house the infrastructure for the communications center, according to Jason Schmidt, construction manager from Lacey construction who conducted the tour.

The west side of the basement will be the “generator room” where the generator equipment will be housed. This generator will supply power to the communications center in the event of an emergency – the courthouse itself already has its own generator.

The main room on the main floor is where the call center itself will be located, along with office space. A controlled-access public entrance will be located at the east side of the communications center – where people from the public will be able to request entry to either the call center or the sheriff’s department.

There are many windows on the main floor of the new addition. York County Commissioner Bill Bamesberger said the windows will be ballistic-proof and will be able to withstand up to 250 mph winds. The facility is said to be able to withstand a F5 tornado.

“The intent here is that whatever might be happening outside, the communications center will always be up and running,” Bamesberger said.

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