YORK – A report submitted to the York County Commissioners from Aging Partners (the state agency through which state and federal funds flow to the local senior services agency) shows that “York County is aging.”

It says, “In 2017, 26 percent of the county’s population was 60 and over. Between 2015 and 2030, the population of persons age 65 and over is expected to increase 32 percent. More York County residents will seek services to remain healthy and independent in their own homes.”

As explained to the commissioners this week, by Aging Partners representatives, “revenue to support this work includes county tax support (27 percent), state and federal funds from Aging Partners (18 percent), state and federal funds direct to the county programs including Nebraska Department of Transportation support of the Rural Transit program (46 percent) and local private funds (9 percent).”

This year, Aging Partners is requesting $36,442 from the county, which is a 2.75 percent increase.

In the 2018-19 fiscal year, York County senior centers and meal sites served 5,316 meals; provided 1,651 health services; and served 179 total consumers. There were also 259 foot clinic services and medication management sessions, according to the figures provided by the local Area on Aging. And there were 12,454 rides provided to older adults by the county’s transportation program.

There were 10,755 contacts made with the local aging services office, regarding assistance for older adults and caregivers.

There were also 492 hours of individualized services for people who still live at home.

The report adds that there were 3,222 visits to senior centers in the county and senior centers/meal sites were open a total of 2,720 hours.

The state agency noted to the commissioners “for every dollar that York County provides through dues to Aging Partners and financial support to its county program, it receives $2.70 worth of services.”

The commissioners took the matter under advisement and will address the allocation during the budget process in the next two months.

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