SEWARD -- Concordia University, Nebraska named 258 students to its honors list for the spring 2019 semester.

The top 25 percent of all undergraduate students who complete at least 12 credit hours on the traditional A-F grading scale qualify for the honors list.

York area students named to the honors list include: Brooke Baugh of Friend, Sophomore; Megan Klenke of Friend, Sophomore; Jamey Broman of Geneva, Freshman; Miranda Rathjen of Osceola, Senior; Anna Baack of Seward, Junior; Megan Boye of Seward, Senior; Mika Brees of Seward, Sophomore; Ross Briggs of Seward, Junior; Tiffany Davis of Seward, Senior; Clara Heinicke of Seward, Senior; Marissa Kroft of Seward, Senior; Marlene Maier of Seward, Senior; Kayleah Moravec of Seward, Senior; Emily Myers of Seward, Freshman; Natalie Sloup of Seward, Freshman; Sabra Moore of Shelby, Junior; Madison Baker of Stromsburg, Sophomore; Brady Fehlhafer of Utica, Junior; Tabitha Ristvedt of Utica, Freshman; Camille Bolte of York, Senior; Reegon Cast of York, Sophomore; Samantha Ellis of York, Junior; Kennedy Mogul of York, Junior and Kylee Nixon of York, Sophomore.

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