YORK – The York City Council approved an addendum to the city’s contract with the firm overseeing the quiet zone project – which results in extra costs but also, hopefully, the completion of the process.

“This is regarding the extra work due to the delays,” said York City Administrator Joe Frei. “They are justifying it by having to re-bid, working with the railroad, and so on. We are hoping this is now the end and the conclusion of the project.”

“They are pretty specific on their costs to get the project done now,” said Mayor Barry Redfern.

“I’m just tired of it, but I want to get it done,” said Council member Sheila Hubbard.

“I agree,” Redfern said. “This project is 10 years in the making.”

Felsburg, Holt and Ullevig (FHU) says in the addendum, “This includes fees associated with revising the final plans, specifications, cost estimates, construction phase services, and BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad) invoice review in preparation for a revised bid letting and summer/fall 2019 construction. This addendum is necessary to cover our additional services due to several unforeseen but necessary efforts on FHU’s part to assist the city on this project.”

The company listed the following as the “unforeseen but necessary efforts:

• BNSF delays in completing their work at the crossings – the anticipated completion was September 2018 but is still underway as of this date.

• Multiple BNSF changes including the placement of pedestrian gates at Delaware Avenue and Blackburn Avenue crossings. This required a total redesign in the placement of emergency exit pedestrian fencing at both crossings. This work also requires several additional on-site reviews with a new BNSF manager of public projects.

• Due to the above items and higher than expected bids by a single contractor, FHU was required to prepare updated plan sets, specifications, bid documents and advertising for a new bid letting this May.

• FHU continues to review the multiple (25 to date) BNSF invoices forwarded from the city for compliance with the city approved agreements with BNSF. We track the billings and point out any discrepancies to the city.”

It was initially determined that the estimated fee for FHU was going to be $54,000. The company’s revised fee of $83,325, due to the before-mentioned extra efforts, was unanimously approved by the city council.

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